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21st century is shaping up to be the era of Asian pop musical groups. In the past few decades, we've been graced with the wonderful performances of Korean girl groups like SNSD and 2NE1, along with Japanese groups like AKB48 and Perfume. More recently, throughout the 2010s, more female artists banded together on-stage, and we've witnessed BLACKPINK, TWICE, FAKY, and many more, topping the charts across the globe. Constantly changing the landscape of the industry with the fresh variety of tunes and concepts they produce, these ladies and their dedication to their work are furthering the recognition of Asian artists and music worldwide. 

Now, we're onto a new decade, but this trend in music shows no signs of stopping. We're set to welcome a new generation of artists hoping to make a name for themselves and continuing the legacy of their predecessors in the industry. Ahead, we list down some of the K-pop and J-pop girl groups debuting this 2020 you might want to stan.


Early this year, J9 Entertainment, the sub-label set up by C9 Entertainment that manages soloists like Juniel and boy bands like CIX, introduced their first-ever all-female group. The seven-member Cignature debuted last 3 February with their lead single "Nun Nu Nan Na." According to Soompi, their group's name reflects their dream to become a signature group within the K-pop industry. With their fun and bouncy tracks, listening to Cignature will definitely bring good vibes to your day.

Watch: "ASSA." The MV of their more recent release has such amazing visuals that showcase the ladies' edgier sides. You probably won't be able to get the catchy lines of this energetic song out of your heads.


Just yesterday, Weekly joined the roster of K-pop girl groups people should definitely watch out for. Being the junior labelmates of Apink, who debuted in 2011, Weekly becomes the first new girl group Play M Entertainment has produced in almost a decade. Also consisting of seven members, Weekly brings light and happy tracks with their debut mini-album, We Are.

Watch: "Tag Me (@Me)." The light and bubbly title track of their mini-album aptly introduces the fresh faces that might just evolve to be one of the most iconic in the K-pop sphere. 


In case you missed it, JYP, the entertainment company that produced TWICE and the iconic Wonder Girls, collaborated with Sony Music Japan earlier this year for a Japanese survival reality show entitled Nizi Project. The show, which just concluded a few days ago, challenged the skills of 26 trainees to prove whether they're up to becoming a member of a girl group. The nine that made the cut were finally re-introduced as NiziU. Survival reality shows have proven to be a great way of getting together great talents — just look how TWICE is faring now! With this, we're expecting big things from this new Japanese girl group managed under a K-pop system. 

Watch: "Make You Happy." NiziU is yet to make a formal debut, but get a sneak peek of what they have in store for us in this bright pre-debut track. 


Speaking of Japanese idols, check out iLiFE!, a J-pop girl group that also just formed last month. iLiFE!'s five members clad in lolita looks present a refreshingly cute image which perfectly matches each of their mellow vocals. Their whole vibe just screams kawaii and listening to them will definitely make you reminisce on your favourite shojo anime.

Watch: iLiFE!'s pre-debut showcase. They have yet to release their singles and music videos but get a glimpse of their dainty and uplifting vibes in this video that they streamed last 27 June. 

Orange Latte

If you're looking to add something new to your playlist, look out for Orange Latte. With five members from both Japan and South Korea, they might just introduce a whole new genre that combines the best of both countries. Not much is known about their official debut yet, but they're slowly garnering attention by giving us glimpses and teasers in their official YouTube channel

Watch: Their dance cover of TWICE's "Feel Special." While waiting for their own music, support them as they showcase their talents in their various dance covers online.

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