Myths & Magic Abound These June Netflix Releases

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Looking for exciting films and dramas to add to your June watchlist? Netflix has lined up a lot of fantasy-filled titles that’ll surely keep you glued to your viewing device. Get introduced to new mythical creatures, cross-species hybrids, and more through these movies and series that are part of June 2021’s Netflix releases.


Adapted from the critically acclaimed Filipino comic book series created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, Trese the animated series is set to debut on Netflix this 11 June. This series, which follows the story of Alexandra Trese and her adventures surrounding Philippine mythology, has been highly praised by renowned authors and artists like Neil Gailman, Leinil Yu, and Whilce Portacio for its modern and creative take on local lore.

Jay Oliva, who storyboarded for DC’s Wonder Woman comics and Nickelodeon’s Legend Of Korra, spearheaded Netflix’s adaptation as a producer and director.

The characters will be voiced in English and Filipino by a full Filipino/Asian-descent cast, with actresses Shay Mitchell and Liza Soberano sharing the role of Alexandra Trese.

Why you should watch it: Entertainment media about Asian mythology is dominated by lore from East Asia, so it’s high time Southeast Asian myths get their share of the spotlight. While Trese covers only Philippine mythology, lore from neighbouring countries overlaps with it so you’ll be treated to more knowledge about these not-as-popular stories.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie

What’s the ‘90s TV and movie scene without Sailor Moon? Feed your nostalgia for it with a two-part film starring Japan’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, arriving on Netflix this 3 June. The film follows the Dream Arc storyline of Naoko Takeuchi’s original work. It’s the first Sailor Moon movie to screen since 1995’s Miracle Of The Black Dream Hotel.

Why you should watch it: We wouldn’t spoil too many details, but take it from us when we say that this is filled with magic, adventure, and a little bit of angsty romance (yes, it’s between Mamoru and Tsukino) that’s guaranteed to entertain tweens, teens, and adults alike.

Rurouni Kenshin saga

Speaking of ‘90s nostalgia, Rurouni Kenshin, better known as Samurai X to a global audience, is also arriving on Netflix with its saga of live-action films this 18 June. The franchise’s first three blockbuster films, which were screened between 2012 and 2014, serve as a great re-introduction to the Rurouni Kenshin universe because of their coverage of the Meiji and Kyoto arcs. This Netflix distribution follows the global premiere of its two-part grand finale earlier this year.

Why you should watch it: Whether or not you’re a fan of the source material, the Rurouni Kenshin saga’s mix of historical and fictional references is guaranteed to entertain the entire family. The movies have also been named as some of the best live-action adaptations of an anime/manga series to date for the actors’ on-point portrayals of the anime/manga characters, jaw-dropping cinematography and stunt choreography, and top-notch storytelling. What’s not to like?

Sweet Tooth

If you’re looking for a new series to binge, this post-apocalyptic fantasy series adapted from a comic book is arriving on Netflix this 4 June. Created by American writer Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth is about a world where half-human half-animal species exist. This is an affect-effect of ‘The Great Crumble’, a mysterious phenomenon that occurred a decade prior to the story’s current timeline.

Why you should watch it: This pick-me-up story about friendship, finding a sense of belonging, and self-acceptance, is one that everyone needs to see. It also includes an adventurous quest across post-apocalyptic America, but Sweet Tooth is set on Utopia-esque woodlands (at least on the surface unlike the usual barren wastelands in similar stories). Did we mention the hybrid characters look oh-so-cute, too?


Capping off our list is this sci-fi movie starring Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin) as ex-soldier Jill. The story revolves around her quest for survival and how she tries to save her family from the aftermath of an unexplainable occurrence that resulted in humans losing the ability to sleep. What seems like a bearable circumstance takes a different turn as people start hallucinating and spiralling into madness.

Why you should watch it: Awake effectively turned the simple idea behind lack of sleep into an action-packed and mystery-based storyline that will push us to the edge of our seats. The mystery and unstable characters will surely make for a good suspenseful flick.

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Speaking of new releases, have you heard? The Gossip Girl reboot is arriving sooner than you think!

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