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This month's must-watch

We may not be able to travel right now, but these new Netflix releases from the world over allow us to explore new places — even fictional ones! — and learn about different cultures from the comfort of our home. Overwhelmed with all the choices? Here's a list of July 2020 Netflix movie and series that are worth streaming. 

Japan Sinks: 2020

It's strange that even if we're in the middle of a pandemic ourselves, our thirst for dystopian stories is still strong, if not stronger than ever. Thankfully, we have a steady stream of new apocalyptic thriller films to quench it. One that caught our eye is Japan Sinks: 2020, an anime adaptation of the 1973 "disaster novel" by Sakyo Komatsu dubbed a "milestone in disaster science fiction". It tells the story of the lives affected by a strong series of earthquakes that causes Japan to literally go under. 

What hooked us in: The makers behind this production was successful in capturing our hearts and making us feel for the victims of a tragedy who are ordinary people just like us in a clip that's just a minute and a half long. What will become of them and will they survive? We need some answers.

Ju-On: Origins

Admit it or not, we all love a good scare from time to time. So here's one that's guaranteed to keep your lights on at night. The latest instalment in the Ju-On (also known as The Grudge) franchise dives into the origins of the curse and malicious spirits that haunted generations. We know we're up for some serious heebie-jeebies.

What hooked us in: Each Ju-On franchise follows an aesthetic that never fails to gives us the scares but at this point, it's a little bit been-there-done-that so we're excited to see what this take will bring new to the table. Also, because it's a period drama, we get a peek at the fashion and beauty looks that dominated Japan in the '80s and that's always a plus in our books.

Unsolved Mysteries

If you're still up for more thriller and supernatural content in your life, Unsolved Mysteries is perfect for your weekend binge-watching.  This revival of the hit American TV show features six mysteries waiting to be solved — from dead-end disappearances to unexplained phenomena. And did you know that the original series actually helped solve cold cases thanks to credible tips from viewers? It's not farfetched to imagine that the same will happen with this Netflix reincarnation.

What hooked us in: With Buzzfeed Unsolved on a hiatus, wanna-be detectives like us are left looking for a new mystery to work on and this fills the void. It's also from the makers of Stranger Things so we're expecting some really good cinematography.

The Baby-Sitters Club

We don't why, but July 2020 Netflix releases are rife with macabre so if you need a palate cleanser or something to play in the background while you go through your chores, The Baby-Sitters Club is up for the job. Go on a nostalgic journey with Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, and Dawn as they go on their fun-filled adventures. 

What hooked us in: The Baby-Sitters Club is a childhood favourite that most of us read during our elementary school years so it's exciting to see the characters brought to life by a delightful cast of new-generation actresses. Plus, it's always good knowing that this old fave actually aged incredibly well. 

Skin Decision: Before and After

Makeover reality TV shows have the unfortunate reputation of being over sensationalised, phoney and shallow. But Netflix's upcoming Skin Decision: Before and After gives us a different vibe. With certified experts and doctors on board, this show is promising to be an educational one. Basing on the trailer, it seems that it will also spotlight the emotional and psychological impacts of perceived imperfections like acne and other physical insecurities. 

What hooked us in: The show depicts a person's journey on achieving what they want for themselves. It doesn't seem like just another drastic before-and-after makeover show that relies on shock factor. All in all, a breath of fresh air.

Which of these July 2020 Netflix releases are now on your to-watch list?

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