The J-Sisters Look Cute In Jonas Brothers' New Music Video

The Jonas wives star in "What A Man Gotta Do"

In case you missed it, the Jonas Brothers just dropped their latest music video. As always, their leading ladies — both onscreen and IRL — were present and serving some iconic looks. The music video for their song “What’s A Man Gotta Do” paid homage to the iconic movies Say Anything, Grease, and Risky Business. While it’s fun to see the Jo Bros having fun, the J-Sisters truly stole the spotlight again — just like they did in the “Sucker” music video.

Let's break down the looks as they appeared in the video.

Sophie Turner as Sandy

To recreate the iconic "Born To Hand Jive" scene in Grease, the Game of Thrones star wore a pure white, ruffle poofed sleeved teacup dress. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a high ponytail, topped off with swoop bangs. The entire ensemble made for a lot of flounces as Sophie and Joe danced their hearts out in the middle of the crowd.

Priyanka Chopra as Joel Goodson

Priyanka showed Nick how the Risky Business slide was done. Clad in an oversized white polo shirt and socks, Priyanka still maintained a sophisticated aura. With the wind blowing through her hair and with her sultry gaze, we’re definitely living for Priyanka’s moment — sorry, Nick!

Sophie Turner as Sandy 2.0

Doppelganger much? Sophie ditches the blonde for a darker look. Her jet-black wig and an all-black outfit is a stark contrast to her cookie-cutter look in the first half of the video. If you’re a fan of the movie, remember when Cha-Cha upstaged Sandy during the Hand Jive? Well, there wasn’t a Cha-Cha in this scenario but Sophie did look like she had fun playing the fiesty role of Sandy that we see in the movie during “You’re The One That I Want” scene.

Danielle Jonas as Diane

Kevin takes on John Cusack’s character, Lloyd, from Say Anything with his iconic boombox. Danielle first wore a silky slip dress for the scene but changed in an all-white ensemble — complete with a fabulous fur coat. But our fave accessory she had in her scenes was definitely the cute pup named Riley!

(Cover photo from: @jonasbrothers)

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