Where To Watch Jang Ki-Yong Before Tuning In To ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’

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ICYDK, Jang Ki-Yong is Song Hye-Kyo’s leading man in the new drama Now, We Are Breaking Up. The TV show is about two people finding their way back to love after a series of bitter romantic encounters. Jang Ki-Yong’s Yoo Jae-Kook is definitely swoon-worthy, with his dapper looks and charming approach as a fashion photographer. But before you completely fall in love with him in this role, here are other TV shows and movies to check the actor out in.

TV Show: Search: WWW

Bae Tae-Mi (Lim Soo-Jung) is a successful director for a web company. She is competitive and will do everything to make sure nothing gets in the way of her success. However, her competitive nature had her compromising some of her personal relationships. One day, she meets Park Mo-Gun (Jang Ki-Yong) in an arcade. This encounter starts an exciting romance for both of them.

Why you should watch it: Dramas often portray women who are competitive as toxic and intolerable, but in Search: WWW, this trait makes Park Mo-Gun fall more and more in love with Bae Tae-Mi. The undeniable chemistry between Lim Soo-Jung and Jang Ki-Yong also makes the romantic scenes extra engrossing. Stream it on Netflix.

TV Show: Born Again

A story set in two timelines, Born Again revolves around two men and one woman who are reincarnated and get re-entangled to one another by their fates. Jang Ki-Yong plays two roles — Kong Ji-Cheol from the past and Cheon Jong-Beom in the present — who both suffer from a secret that they cannot bear to escape from.

Why you should watch it: We definitely won’t spoil this one for you since the twists are better experienced first-hand. But what we can guarantee is it’s brilliantly written; it ties the events of the past and the present together seamlessly to create a thrilling suspense narrative. Check it out on iQiYi.

TV Show: My Roommate Is A Gumiho

If a fun fantasy rom-com is more up your alley, My Roommate Is A Gumiho is the one to check out. Jang Ki-Yong plays 999-year-old gumiho (nine-tailed fox) Shin Woo-Yeo, who was forced to invite university student Lee Dam (Hyeri) to be his roommate after she accidentally swallows his fox bead. While the two try to solve their conundrum, they fall in love.

Why you should watch it:
Despite its cliched themes, My Roommate Is A Gumiho never disappoints when it comes to its comedic timing and heart-fluttering moments. Hyeri and Jang Ki-Yong also portrayed their contrasting characters really well, which adds to the exciting push and pull of their on-screen chemistry. Binge it now on iQiYi.

Movie: Sweet & Sour

The title Sweet & Sour perfectly summarises what this film is about. It revolves around relationships that start out beautifully and eventually fade out in a tragic manner. Jang Ki-Yong played opposite Chae Soo-Bin and Krystal Jung in this movie. Talking about the plot and the character names further will definitely give away what the story is about so we’re sealing our lips on this one. But we definitely recommend you watch this with your friends or significant other for a fun but somewhat enlightening movie night.

Why you should watch it: The plot is pretty lighthearted, making it an easy watch. It’ll make you feel for each character as they are individually relatable. However, nothing — and we mean nothing — will prepare you for the twist this film delivers during the climax. Watch it on Netflix now.

Movie: The Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos

When a prisoner transport gets into an accident that leads to the escape of the dangerous criminals inside it, Detective So Oh Goo-Tak (Kim Sang-Joong) teams up with Park Woong-Cheol (Ma Dong-Seok), Kwak No-Soon (Kim A-Joong), and Ko Yoo-Sung (Jang Ki-Yong) to deal with the situation. The crew gets caught in compromising situations as they try to re-arrest the escapees, one of which includes the notorious gang boss No Sang-Sik (Jo Young-Jin).

Why you should watch it: Funny, exciting, and something that can be enjoyed by the entire family, The Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos will keep you glued to the screen throughout its 115-minute runtime. The ensemble cast also complement each other really well in both the lighthearted moments and action-filled scenes. Get in on Amazon Prime Video.

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