Here Are Fun Indoor Photoshoot Ideas You Can Try

Creative snaps

Since we have to wait a little bit longer to take photos outdoors, we have to be more creative with our Instagram photos. Aside from dealing with numerous physical constraints, finding the balance of relatable and interesting content that is still sensitive to the situation can be quite tricky.  But we can't let that stop us. Sharing your art can help you connect with other people even while in isolation, according to Christopher Wisniewski, the Executive Director for the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. If you need some help getting started, try recreating these cute indoor photoshoot ideas with stuff you already have.

Newsreel backgrounds

While we’re all for the natural aesthetic, sometimes you have to just tap into your inner DIY goddess. Jennifer Zhang (of jenerationDIY) took the classic indoor photoshoot idea of sticking some old newspaper to her walls. You now have a cleaner background where you can show off your OOTD. It just takes a little bit of time and tape.

Make it yours: Don’t have old newspapers? Some old magazines or books would do. If they don’t have any sentimental value, you can repurpose their pages.

Currently reading

Speaking of books, if you have a vast collection why not show it off? Instead of a shelfie, take your favourite books, open them up on the floor or your bed, and carefully(!) lay your head on top of the pile. Get a family member or your quarantine buddy to take this shot from overhead. Don't forget to tag it with #bookstagram to connect with other booklovers.

Make it yours: Do you have other interests you’d like to highlight? If you picked up a new hobby recently, you can use your latest project as your prop. Whether it’s painting, knitting, or baking, it's time to display the fruits of your labour for all the world to see. 


If your interests include online shopping, like many of us, then you may have a surplus of bubble wrap that you can use for this other portrait shot. You just need to cut a hole through the middle that's wide enough to fit your head. If you don't have anyone to assist you, use a tripod and a self-timer to nail this frame.

Make it yours: No bubble wrap? Take your chips wrapper, snip off the sealed edges, and take a peek through the hole. You can also use coloured cling wrap if you have some in your pantry.

Instax fan

For our film photography enthusiasts, here’s a nice indoor photoshoot idea. Take your instant film camera and some household items while you shoot some self-portraits. Hang up your photos on a piece of string and add elements like dried flowers or fairy lights for your final Pinterest-worthy shot. This is a nice way of displaying multiple photos in a creative manner.

Make it yours: Don’t have an instant film camera on-hand? You can take the photos on your phone and print it out instead.

Facetime shoots

Lastly, this photoshoot idea goes back to digital photography. If you’ve been catching up with your friends over Zoom or Facetime lately, you can turn your digital hangouts into full-on photoshoots. One friend poses through their webcam while the other takes the shot on their end. Then, you can take your friend's photos afterwards. The web camera adds a grainy texture to the photo without any additional filters. The folks over at Mango Street Lab can show you how they aced this Google Hangouts photoshoot.

Make it yours: Have fun with lighting and props. From the slats on your windows to the glasses you can hold against the webcam, these items can be used to your advantage.

(Cover photo from: @pamieqjn)

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