Insider Roundup: 'Girl From Nowhere' Season 2's Trailer & More

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Sit back and relax as we deliver some of this week’s exciting news you might have missed from the hustling week you just finished. There’s the official trailer for the much-anticipated second season of Thai drama Girl From Nowhere. We also have details on Apple’s latest gadget releases coming 30 April. Plus, we have the scoop on BLACKPINK Rose’s latest brand ambassadorship. These, and more, in this week’s Insider Roundup.

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 releases official trailer

After its success in 2018, Thai thriller Girl From Nowhere is back for a second season. The mysterious lead character Nanno, played by Chicha Amayatakul, returns for more revenge stories based on real life controversies within the Thai education system. Based on the official trailer of Season 2, she’ll also have a new love interest which may or may not be another key player in this exciting new arc. The series arrives on Netflix this 7 May.

BLACKPINK Rosé is Tiffany & Co.’s new global ambassador

Just after the release of her solo album, Rosé was also announced as Tiffany & Co.’s new global ambassador. Her first digital campaign as the brand’s new face is Tiffany HardWear which is based on a 1971 bracelet design from the Tiffany archives. The new collection is inspired by New York’s edginess and features industrial designs matched with the signature elegance of the Tiffany brand. The campaign officially kicks off 23 April 2021 in all Tiffany & Co., platforms. 

Filipina cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao’s launches makeup brand

Famous Filipina cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao is the latest public figure to come out with a makeup brand. Alodia Beauty introduced their first lipstick linewith 12 shades. The shade names are named after gaming references like Nerf and Peach Princess (Super Mario, anyone?). The lipsticks are now available via the brand’s official LAZADA store for PHP475/~USD10 each.

Apple teases new colourful gadget releases

Apple fans, brace yourselves! The tech giant has teased upcoming releases for iMac, Macbooks, iPhones, and all their other Apple products — but that’s not the best part. The new releases come in many exciting pastel colours like peach, lavender, and more. Each gadget also comes with new and improved connectivity features and sleeker designs. These new releases will officially launch 30 April in the U.S. and sometime in May in Singapore. Watch this space for details on when it’ll drop in other countries.

Riot Games x UNIQLO UT League Of Legends collaboration

Riot Games joins the video-games-meets-fashion trend with their upcoming UNIQLO UT League of Legends collaboration. Based on the teasers, the capsule collection will include shirts featuring the game’s Champions Ahri, Annie, and more. No release date has been announced, but you bet we’ll be sharing details as soon as we get more.

Dyson introduced new device for cleaner air

Dyson Purifier Cool FormaldehydeDyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier fan

Dyson has unveiled their new Dyson Purifier Cool and Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier fans in an early media preview. In the virtual event, Head of Category for Environmental Care Will Darvill stressed the importance of these devices, especially with the existence of indoor pollution we're not aware of (i.e. formaldehyde, an odourless pollutant from paint, pressed wood and new furnishings and nearby construction dust).

The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde aims to capture 99.95 per cent of these harmful pollutants, ensuring your home or any space you’re in is cleaner and healthier all day, everyday. The Dyson Purifier Cool fans are now available in leading Dyson outlets, select appliance stores, and regional websites for Singapore and Malaysia.

Japanese juice bar Honey’s Bar opens first outlet in Singapore

Get a taste of Japan without leaving Singapore with Honey’s Bar’s first outlet opening in the city. Known for being in most JR East train stations, this juice bar offers premium fruit juice made with fresh fruits and honey. Each concoction has no sugar added, ensuring that you’re getting the natural taste of the fruit at every sip. Now, Singaporeans will be able to enjoy it by paying a visit to their stall in Jurong Point from 11AM to 9:30PM daily.

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