Solve Puzzling Mysteries With 'Enola Holmes' On Netflix

New movie alert!

A new detective is coming to town next month — or in 19th century London. Meet Sherlock and Mycroft's younger sister as she shows off her sleuthing skills in Netflix's upcoming movie, Enola Holmes. Premiering globally on everyone's go-to streaming platform this 23 September, the mystery adventure film stars Millie Bobby Brown as the titular role. 

A whole new character

Sherlock Holmes is and will always remain a beloved classic. And by this time, we've perhaps had more than a dozen of Sherlock Holmes adaptations. Still, most of them remain to operate within the same formula, following Sherlock as he solves his cases with his deductions with the aid of John Watson. Sherlock's stories are always mind-blowing, sure, but it's also for this reason that we can't wait to see Enola Holmes in action. 

This new adaptation, centring on a character created by American author Nancy Springer in a series of young adult novels based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original work, gives quite a refreshing update to the detective story we've come to love. Here, Enola Holmes will be able to flex her brainpower, proving that they're just on-par, or perhaps even exceeding her elder brothers' abilities.

Carving her path

Enola Holmes' journey to becoming a detective begins when, on the morning of her 16th birthday, she finds her beloved mother missing. Left under the care of her brothers who decide to send her away to a boarding school, she instead follows her heart, deciding to escape and find her mum with the odd assortment of clues she left behind. In her search, the free-spirited teen gets caught in a series of mysteries involving a runaway lord. Using her wits, she ends up unravelling a conspiracy that threatens to change the world.

Set in 1884, Enola Holmes will also tackle the complicated family dynamics between the three siblings. With Enola pressured to meet the expectations of her brothers, she's the perfect heroine to mirror the fight of women to the confining roles set upon them by the Victorian society.

A star-studded cast

Intrigued by the plot already? We know for sure that this is going to be hooking because the story is to be played by a stellar set of actors. First and foremost, joining Millie Bobby Brown is Henry Cavill who will portray none other than Sherlock. Though he takes a backseat as he plays the supporting role of an older brother to Enola, we definitely can't wait to see the British actor's refreshing take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's cunning consulting detective. 

Besides the two, to complete the set of cunning Holmes siblings is Sam Claflin who'll play Mycroft, the eldest among the three. Award-winning actress Helena Bonham-Carter, on the other hand, will take on the role of the Elona's missing mum, Eudora.

Finally, before you get your hopes up, you have to know: it appears that the character of John Watson won't be in this Enola Holmes movie. We have our fingers crossed that Sherlock's most trusted friend would be here to grace our screens if the film gets a sequel. But wait — we're getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we? For now, let's mark our calendars and make sure to catch this when it releases on Netflix this September.

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