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Searching for new titles to watch in your free time? Look no further than the Emmy Awards 2020, which made quite a mark in the industry's long-running history as it aired earlier this week. Held virtually for the first (and hopefully the last) time amidst lockdown restrictions, Hollywood television's major moment awarded the biggest and most deserving names and titles in the industry. Ahead, we round up some that are a definite must-watch for those hoping for quality shows to binge on. 

Schitt's Creek

With 80 episodes spanning six seasons that ended earlier this year, the Canadian comedy series created by the father-and-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy dominated the 2020 Emmy Awards. The show, revolving around the wealthy Rose family who had to relocate to the little town of Schitt's Creek after losing all their fortune, swept all major comedy awards this week. From Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing to the four major acting categories — Schitt's Creek's exited with a bang.

Why watch it: Schitt's Creek begins with the typical fish-out-of-water scenario in the beginning. The overly pampered Roses initially appear as selfish and manipulative characters, but they gradually grow and mature over the course of its seasons. Follow through their jour journey as they adjust to their new life, and you'll find your hours filled with lots of laughter and a tinge of sentimentality. And of course, nothing else beats comfort humour in these times, right?


Like Schitt's Creek, Succession, having aired its second season last year, won big with the top award for drama at the 2020 Emmy Awards. HBO's satirical dramedy follows Logan Roy, the ageing owner of a global media and hospitality empire, along with his children fighting for control over the company. Aside from having earned the award for the Outstanding Drama Series, the show also won the Lead Actor recognition for Jeremy Strong's performance, as well as the awards for casting and single-picture editing

Why watch it: Veiled with dark and cynical humour, the world Succession presents is a cutthroat one, with everyone in the Roy family willing to step over one another to chase their own ambitious goals. We'll tell you right off the bat — you won't like any of the characters. But their cunning vileness makes it an even more gripping and interesting show to watch.


Also from HBO, Watchmen makes history as the first comic book adaptation to be recognised in the Emmys — and snag 11 awards at that, including the much-coveted Outstanding Limited Series award. The superhero drama by Lost creator Damon Lindelof serves as a sequel to the DC Comics' 1986 series of the same name. For nine episodes, the alternate universe of Watchmen focuses on a series of events surrounding racist violence 34 yers after the comics' events. Threatened by white supremacist groups that waged war against minorities and the authorities that protect them, the police in Oklahoma take up vigilantism to bring justice.

Why watch it: Though it references one of the greatest graphic novels of the 20h century, you don't really need to read it in order to follow the cinematic series. But more than that, though it's set in a different reality, the storyline still remains relevant to the world's current events, with its weighty themes reflecting issues we're dealing with today. Watchmen is a great series to see if you're in the mood for something thought-provoking.

RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race, having brought the LGBTQ+ and drag communities to the mainstream, prevailed in the 2020 Emmy Awards. They took home six wins, including their third victory in a row as the Best Competition Program and RuPaul Charles' fifth consecutive win as Host for a Reality or Competition Program. In search for America's next drag superstar, RuPaul mentors and judges a set of contestants as they go through a series of challenges week by week. And all in all, throughout its 11-year run, the reality hit's Emmys this year bring their victories to a total of 19, making it the most-awarded competition show in history.

Why watch it: Imagine the drama in America's Next Top Model combined with the creativity shown in hectic fashion competition shows like Next in Fashion, amped up a multitude and injected with over-the-top humour — that's exactly what RuPaul's Drag Race brings to your table. It's a fun and hilarious show. Plus, each episode gives us tiny tidbits of encouragement that help us realise self-love.

Queer Eye

Speaking of reality shows, another one that returned to the awards show to claim its win was Queer Eye. The rebooted show was named the Emmy's Best Structured Reality Show for the third time since it was first released in 2018. Led by the Fab Five comprised of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle experts, the makeover series helps people from all walks of life emerge as better versions of themselves and lead a life filled with confidence.

Why watch it: If you haven't caught on the hype yet, perhaps it's time you do now as time and time again, Queer Eye proves that its uplifting formula wins the hearts of all. As the Fab Five help people rise through trying moments in their lives, the show gives us a dose of positivity we so badly need. And, if we're gonna be obsessed with reality shows anyway, why not choose one that's light-hearted and wholesome? 

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