5 Facts About Emma Corrin: 'The Crown' S4's Princess Diana

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If we were to list down the most inspiring women in the past century, no doubt, Princess Diana will be included. Her elegant and sophisticated style was ahead of its time and it the dictated many fashion trends. More than that, her dedication to her charitable work won the admiration and respect of many. But we all know, that behind the calm and graceful demeanour she presented, the people's princess battled her own demons and issues within the royal family. Her tragic life continues to draw intrigue, and many want to see her behind the glitz and glamour. For that reason, her appearance in the royal series, The Crown, is widely anticipated, and all eyes are on the Emma Corrin, the actress who won her role.

The 23-year-old actress will be joining the star-studded ensemble for the fourth season of the acclaimed Netflix series. She'll be depicting a young, vulnerable Diana as she becomes part of the royal family. For this, with the help of the producers, Emma Corrin geared up with tons of research about the iconic woman she'll be playing. Not only that, but she also works with a movement and voice coach as well, to give justice to the Princess of Wales. 

We all know about the exceptionality of Princess Diana, but what about the young actress who will portray her? Ahead, we list down some facts about the up-and-coming star.

Her love for acting started in school

According to the Hollywood Reporter, as a kid, Emma actually dreamed of being a zoologist. But she fell in love with acting after taking part in a school production when she attended Woldingham School in Surrey, a private Catholic boarding school for girls. This led her to take a gap year before university, during which she took a course on Shakespeare at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Finally, when she studied Education with English and Drama in St. John's College, Cambridge, she performed in a total of 19 plays. That's already a whole lot in three years, don't you think?

This is her first major role

It's only been a year since she graduated, so she's basically just starting out in the industry with small roles. For one, she starred in one episode of the 60s detective drama, Grantchester. Ultimately, her life was changed with Pennyworth, the Batman TV prequel focusing on the youth of the superhero's butler, Alfred Pennyworth. There, she played Esmé Whitaker, Alfred's girlfriend in the show. Her role as Princess Diana in The Crown is her biggest break yet. She's really young to the scene but with that, and with her upcoming role in the 2020 comedy Missbehaviours, she's bound to be a household name in no time.

She used to work in retail

Two years ago, Emma worked in a retail start-up, packing underwear into boxes. It was during which when she received a call from her agent, informing her that she landed an audition for Pennyworth. It was due in three hours, so she decided to leave her job, shopped for vintage-looking clothes, and rushed to try out for the scene. And, as you probably know by now, the risk and stress were worth it as she managed to land the role that paved the way for her success.

Her confidence suffered when she tried modelling

Apparently, Emma finally decided to pursue acting after a disastrous attempt at modelling. According to Hello Magazine, in a blog post published in the blog Cambridge Girl Talk back in 2018, the actress opened up about her brief experience in the industry. She got through a fitting for a London Fashion Week show, but the pair of breeches handed to her couldn't fit over her calves, which were pronounced because of her running. The designer apologised, saying they weren't used to models who worked out. It left a completely bitter taste in her mouth as, in Emma's words, "these rejections were based on how I looked and I had always prided myself on a healthy amount of self-confidence, which I was now rapidly losing."

Her dog is named Spencer

You read that right — coincidentally, the actress playing Lady Diana Spencer has an adorable furbaby called Spencer. Cute, isn't it? You can see the little prince's escapades on his IG account, @deliciouslyspencer. His huge puppy eyes will surely leave you squealing.

She sure sounds promising, doesn't she? A few photos of Emma Corrin as Princess Diana has been circulating as they film the upcoming season. Recently, they were seen recreating the royal's 1989 visit to New York. With her blonde wig, her resemblance with the beloved royal is extraordinarily uncanny. Witness her acting prowess for yourself as she explores the woman we all look up to when The Crown Season 4 premieres late 2020.

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