FAVE 5: Effortless Poses

Show off your style

Always feel awkward when posing in front of the camera? Think you look stiff as you smile and look straight at the lenses? Appear more relaxed and natural by looking sideways. You can opt to smile for a more charming vibe or maintain a serious face to look fierce and chic. Ahead, see how the Clozette Community do their effortless poses.

Flip your hair

Hair flipping effortless pose
(Photo from: Guesswai)

Look down

Looking down
(Photo from: Lingwei)

Bag In Hand

Candid pose
(Photo from: karenskierrific)

Fuss with your strands

Looking sideways
(Photo from: LoveElisha)

Wonder at the sky

Looking up
(Photo from: dilate)

(Cover photo from: karenskierrific)

Next, pose with your hands up.

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