FAVE 5: Hand Poses

For when you don't know where to put them

Unless you're a professional model or a seasoned influencer, taking photographs of yourself can be a little awkward. Anyone who's tried knows that it's not easy to nail a pose. You have to know your best angles and make sure nothing looks awkward. And one of the dilemmas faced when having a portrait photograph is where to put your hands. In a group picture, it's easy enough to just put it on someone's shoulders, but what to do when it's just you? Worry not! Here are some easy hand poses to have in your pocket for a perfect picture.

Over the head

Girl Doing A Pose
(Photo from: ShineeeDee)

Twirl your hair

Girl Twirling Hair
(Photo from: Krysticism)

Over the forehead

Girl With Colourful Makeup
(Photo from: itsmariahazel)

Hats on

Girl With Cute Outfit
(Photo from: shuutravels)

Tuck it in the back

Girl Doing A Pose
(Photo from: Leannelow)

(Cover photo from: ShineeeDee)

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