Where Else To Catch The Cast Of “Dune” 2021

…while waiting for Part 2

Zendaya, Timothee Chalamet, and the rest of the Dune 2021 cast have been all over the news and red carpets recently to promote the film based on Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel.

The film is set in the year 10,191, where the noble House of Atreides goes into war with the rulers of the desert planet Arrakis. We won’t get into the complex lore of the story; it’s also been received so well that the movie got the go-signal to proceed with its planned sequel scheduled for October 2023. Cool, right?

Excitedly waiting for Part 2? We recommend you check out these other movies (and a TV show) featuring Dune 2021s star-studded cast.

Zendaya in Malcolm & Marie

If you loved Zendaya from The Greatest Showman and Marvel’s Spiderman, you should also check her out in Malcolm & Marie if you haven’t yet. The 25-year-old Disney alum plays the role of Marie Jones, the girlfriend of writer-director Malcolm Elliot (John David Washington). The story revolves around a fight between the two characters after Malcolm received an award for his latest film and failed to thank Marie in his speech. The conflict unravelled more of their issues as a couple. Zendaya’s portrayal of Marie is the most ‘mature’ she’s done, proving her versatility and acting prowess even as a young actress.

Why you should watch it: Zendaya and John David Washington’s onscreen chemistry, despite their characters constantly fighting, is definitely compelling to watch. Plus, despite the movie focusing on events that happened overnight, the two of them are able to make the audience feel the longevity and weight of Malcolm and Marie’s relationship.

Timothee Chalamet in The King

Before joining the Dune cast, Timothee is known for his charming roles as Elio in Call Me By Your Name and Laurie in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. But the actor proved there’s more to him than his ‘flower boy’ appeal when he took on the role of young Henry V in Netflix’s The King. Timothee effectively portrayed the English monarch’s transformation from a carefree boy to a brave and strategic leader as King of England after his brother’s passing.

Why you should watch it: Timothee’s strong performance was backed by an equally incredible cast including Joel Edgerton as Sir John Falstaff, Lily Rose-Depp as Princess Katherine of France, and Robert Pattinson as the Dauphin of France, the main antagonist. Everything about the film was also beautifully done, from the scoring to the script to the cinematography. It's hard to believe it’s a historical movie made just for the small screen.

Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa Faust is definitely one of the most memorable femme fatale characters in recent Hollywood films. We fell in love at first sight as soon as we saw her in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation clad in a gorgeous yellow high-slit dress while ready to attack with a sniper. Her character exudes fierceness and sultriness with the occasional vulnerability.

Why you should watch it: Mission: Impossible is an iconic film franchise but Ilsa’s introduction in Rogue Nation was definitely a breath of fresh air. She wasn’t introduced to be Ethan Hunt’s (Tom Cruise) love interest but rather an equal who outwits him in more ways than one. The movie is also noted by Rotten Tomatoes as the second-best Mission: Impossible film to date after Fallout (the most recent film of the franchise), which succeeded it. If you need a sign to watch (or rewatch) this film, this is it.

Oscar Isaac in Operation: Finale

Before he was Poe Dameron in Star Wars or the voice of Gomez in the 2019 The Addams Family animated film, Oscar Isaac produced and starred in the 2018 historical drama Operation: Finale. He played Mossad agent Peter Malkin, who headed the operations leading to the capture of Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley).

Why you should watch it: Oscar incredibly portrayed Peter’s struggle of constantly choosing between what’s morally right and seeking revenge for what happened to his family during World War II. How he conveys emotions through his expressions and lines adds to the weight of the narrative and makes the audience more engrossed and emphatic towards his character. Plus, all of his exchanges with the equally brilliant actor Ben Kingsley are simply a delight to witness onscreen.

Jason Momoa in Frontier

Before he was Duncan Idaho in Dune, Jason Momoa was known to us as Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones. But here’s another TV show he starred in that’s worth checking out: Frontier. The Canadian historical drama, commissioned by Netflix in 2016, is about North America’s illegal fur trade in the 1700s. Jason is Declan Harp, an outlaw trying to outwit a century-old monopoly trying to take control of the wealth and power that comes with the illegal trade industry. Jason channelled Declan’s brazenness while still making him charming.

Why you should watch it: A thrilling action-adventure series that the whole family will enjoy, Frontier delivers twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seat on every episode. The subplots are also well-written, beautifully enriching the main story arc without leaving loose ends. P.S. The series concluded with three seasons in 2018, which means no more cliffhangers or waiting for years for the succeeding seasons. No better time to binge, right?

Which of these TV shows and movies featuring the Dune cast would you check out next?

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