These Netflix Releases Are Perfect For Your Holiday Vacay Binge-Watching

Laugh, cry, and get pumped

Do you have your vacation plans sorted out for the holidays? Whatever activities you have lined up, we’re sure that one thing on your list is to binge a show (or two) on Netflix during your downtime. And as always, we’re here to deliver the scoop on the latest TV shows and movies on the platform to help you decide what to put on queue. Ready? Scroll on and start adding these upcoming December Netflix TV shows and movies to your watchlist.

Movie: Don’t Look Up

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence star as Dr. Randall Mindy and Dr. Kate Dibiasky in this dark comedy ensemble movie produced and directed by Adam McKay (Ant-Man, The Big Short). Mindy and Dibiasky are “low-level astronomers” who discovered that a comet is set to obliterate Earth in a matter of weeks. However, as they tried to make the news public, they realised that not even a single soul seemed to care.

Why you should watch it: Judging by the trailer alone, this movie will deliver a lot of laughs because of the premise. On the flip side, it also offers a commentary on how the world usually deals with disaster response. The cast is also joined by Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande, Timothee Chalamet, and other big names in the industry that’ll surely add more flavour to the already intriguing narrative.

Movie: The Unforgivable

In this film, Sandra Bullock takes on the role of Ruth Slater, a woman navigating life after prison after being convicted for a serious crime. It is based on a British mini-series titled Unforgiven, which follows the same storyline.

Why you should watch it: Aside from Sandra Bullock’s impressive performance (not that we expected less), this movie reshapes the elements of the series that made the original version compelling, delivering a gripping story on accountability, dealing with social stigma, and redemption within its almost two-hour runtime.

TV Show: The Witcher Season 2

Henry Cavill is back as Geralt a.k.a. The Witcher in the second season of the 2019 Netflix hit based on a book series of the same name. The trailer suggests that there’s an all-out war brewing, spelling trouble (well, more than usual) for our favourite characters. It also seems like the audiences are in for another time skip, showing a much older Ciri (Freya Allen), a wandering Yennefer (Anna Chalotra), and a Geralt preparing for battle.

Why you should watch it: Compared to the first season, this instalment seems to focus on a more linear storyline, making us wonder if our protagonists are finally going to band together for good. The trailer also delivered more questions than answers, making the hype for this season even more exciting.

TV Show: The Silent Sea

Done obsessing over Squid Game and Hellbound? Here’s another Korean Netflix series to get into starring none other than Gong Yoo and Bae Doon — The Silent Sea. This sci-fi mystery thriller covers the journey of space explorers trying to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility on the moon. As they go about their mission, they encounter classified secrets that put their entire mission in jeopardy.

Why you should watch it: Unknown dangers set in space leaving characters with nowhere to run? We’re already at the edge of our seats thinking about it. Netflix has been delivering non-romantic K-dramas this 2021 and we’re totally down for another one that’ll surely be worth the binge.

Movie: Asakusa Kid

Asakusa Kid is based on an autobiographical novel by Japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano. Actor Yuya Yagira gives life to a young Takeshi, who drops out of college in 1965 to start a career as a performer in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. Takeshi becomes the apprentice of legendary entertainer Senzaburo Fukami (Yo Oizumi) where he meets other aspiring performers under Senzaburo’s tutelage.

Why you should watch it: Despite its campy and comedic surface, Asakusa Kid is a story about passion, determination, and finding comfort and support through camaraderie. It will make you cry, laugh, and relate to the characters more than you expect, making it an immediate comfort film as soon as you hit play.

Hope your holiday vacay watchlist is all packed with these on your queue!

(Cover photo from: Netflix Philippines)

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