What We Want To See In The 'Crash Landing On You' Finale

Fingers crossed!

The usually joyful weekend becomes a bittersweet occasion for K-Drama fans, with tvN and Netflix finally airing the Crash Landing On You finale. Premiered mid-December last year, the drama offered a fresh and unique storyline. It revolves around Yoon Se Ri, played by Son Ye-jin (Personal Taste), a South Korean heiress who lands in North Korea, right in the arms of military captain Ri Jeong Hyeok played by Hyun Bin (Memories of Alhambra) after a paragliding accident. With its love story that literally crossed borders, Crash Landing On You became the fourth highest-rated drama in tvN history and even topped the most buzz-worthy dramas for the past four weeks. 

The overwhelming viewership it gained was unsurprising. After all, for two months, fans were treated to a good mix of shocking twists, heart-wrenching revelations, and funny scenes surrounding the leads. Not to mention, we were thrown back in time with star-studded cameos featuring Stairway To Heaven's Choi Ji Woo and Secretly Greatly's Kim Soo Hyun. Week after week, its viewers were kept on their toes with suspenseful cliffhangers. But, as wishful thinking, we list down all the things we want to happen in the Crash Landing On You Finale. (Make sure you've watched until the latest episodes because major spoilers are ahead!)

Captain Ri's company of five returns home safe

Though we loved their hijinks as they navigated the completely foreign world of Seoul, we really just wish they'd return home safe to their families. Though their experiences down south are luxurious, they're still inevitably in danger from being caught by South Korean officials. In the preview, we already see our beloved wire-tapper Man Bok being taken away by authorities. Hopefully, Captain Ri's dad or maybe even someone from Se Ri's family helps them get out so they could return ASAP to save his wife and son from being taken away by the officials. 

Se Ri's brother and sister-in-law get what they deserve

We all know that the Yoon siblings have always been hostile to one another — another tragic side-effect of being born to rich families. But her second-oldest brother and his wife just totally go beyond. First, they leave Se Ri helpless in the North, then when she returned, they arranged for the evil Cho Cheol Gang to take her away. As if that wasn't enough, when their plans were revealed, they still managed to make things worse by revealing Ri Jeong Hyeok's true heritage. It wouldn't be a surprise if they're the one who tipped authorities off about the other North Korean soldiers too. Hopefully, as we reach the Crash Landing On You finale, they're cut off from their riches and jailed.

Seo Dan finally finds the love she deserves

As Ri Jeong Hyeok's obsessed fiancée, she was hated by everyone in the first few episodes. But throughout the show, she's managed to gain our sympathy as she revealed the truth behind her one-sided love. Imagine pining for someone who never even noticed you and all of a sudden, a new girl comes in and he's head over heels with her? That definitely justifies her feelings. But with South Korean con-man Gu Seung Joon, slowly, our second female lead began to open up and soften up. Last week ended with the charming guy being chased by North Korean authorities, and the preview shows Seo Dan crying in a taxi. But these two definitely deserves being loved and appreciated, so here's to them finding a way back to each other in the end.

Se Ri reunites with everyone in the village

One of the most stellar parts of the show is its first half, with Yoon Se Ri stuck in an old village in the north. Somehow, the place was more warm and homey than her elegant life in Seoul, thanks to her neighbours who welcomed her openly. Granted, they were a bit meddling in a well-meaning way, but that trait of theirs is exactly what made them so lovable. By the end of the K-Drama, it would be a really heart-warming touch to have Se Ri catch up with the old ladies.

Our main leads manage to stay together

We don't know much of Ri Jeong Hyeok's fate in South Korea. Last time, we saw him cornered by authorities, thinking he's a spy. And the scene closed as we heard a gunshot, possibly coming from Cho Cheol Gang. But in the preview, he seems physically well in his uniform, hinting that he's back home. With the tensions between the two countries, a reunification is highly impossible, and so is our lovers' reunion. But last episode, Captain Ri's dad mentioned something about getting Se Ri and her company invest in the North's economy. We don't know if that alibi is plausible, but perhaps that's one way Yoon Se Ri can return and be together with Ri Jeong Hyeok. If not that, then please, can they both just move to Switzerland, get married, and have their twin girls there?

With just two more episodes left to stream, there's still too many questions left unaswered and no one knows for sure about what will happen. Still, we're keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that the plotlines and our favourite characters are given the closure they deserve. Surely, the producers and writers of the show don't want our hearts to go breaking, right?

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