A New Era Has Come To Charles & Keith WIth Their New Logo And Collection

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It’s a brand new era for Charles & Keith — and we’re here for it. The fashion brand recently unveiled a new collection that officially debuted their new emblem. Read below to see how they’ve incorporated the new logo in the collection, and find out where you can cop the items in Singapore.

The new logo of Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith new logo

The new C&K logo on one of the new bags. (Photo from: @charleskeithofficial)

The Singapore fashion brand revealed that they have a new brand logo featuring their initials C&K. According to them, the minimalist design “represents CHARLES & KEITH’s vision for the future" that is boundlessly creative and innovative.

The C&K logo uses the ampersand which symbolises unity and connection, while the ‘C’ and ‘K’ have been used to create a distinct and timeless design. The new Charles & Keith logo likewise pays homage to the Futura font, which has been associated with the brand for a long time. “In essence, our emblem serves as a visual testament to our commitment to excellence and forward-thinking,” says the brand.

Charles & Keith L’Initial Collection

To celebrate the new logo, Charles & Keith has also launched a collection featuring the emblem aptly called ‘L’Initial’ collection. 

The collection includes bags, shoes and various accessories that have been made in true Charles & Keith fashion. Among the pieces are leather and denim pointed-toe flats, a mesh and leather shoulder bag and a leather multi-slot card holder.

Charles & Keith L'Initial Collection

The chic and trendy vibe is strong in the collection. (Photos from: @charleskeithofficial)

Where to get it in Singapore

You can purchase the pieces via the Charles & Keith website. Products in the collection are priced between SGD29.90 and SGD159.

What are your thoughts on the collection and new logo?

(Cover photos from: @charleskeithofficial)

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