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For many of us at #TeamClozette, the music of Britney Spears was the soundtrack of our childhood. We have many precious memories of us jamming it up to her hits. In a way, we grew up with Britney. From her days when she's "not a girl, but not yet a woman" to when she finally decided to shed her sweet image and traded it for a more daring persona, we watched her become the pop icon that she is today. Even now, Britney's music still sends us to a blissful state of nostalgia. In celebration of her birthday, we rounded up the Britney Spears hit songs that we still listen to in 2020. Join us in our sound trip!

I’ll Never Stop Loving You (1999)

An underrated track that's overshadowed by her more popular hits, this gem was hidden in Britney's very first album ...Baby One More Time (1999) which was released when she was just 17 years old. It's a song that not many remember, but it holds a soft spot for Senior Content Solutions Manager and long-time Britney fan Denise whose first email address ([email protected]) was named after her childhood idol. "It brings me back to my teenage years, back when I used to look at life with rose-coloured glasses — like anything could be magical," she said; and added that the song's sweet heartfelt naïve tone is part of what makes it appealing and nostalgic for her.

Lucky (2000)

Just a year after her first album gained success, Britney is back with another aptly named second album Oops!... I Did It Again (2000). While the first track of this album got a lot of love, the next on the list Lucky (2000) also gained popularity. Features Writer Alyana remembers the days when her sister constantly played it during the early 2000s. "I eventually had it stuck in my head and hummed it whenever the last song syndrome hit," she said. As a grown-up, Alyana now appreciates not just the catchy tune but the deeper meaning embedded in it. "I often listen to it when I'm feeling morose to bring me out of the funk. It also helps that this is one of the easier Britney songs to sing hehe," she shared.

With the benefit of hindsight, the lyrics in Lucky (2000) may have really reflected how Britney, a self-professed shy girl, was feeling as she begins her climb to stardom. As we all know, it would become one of Britney Spears' hit songs even in 2020.

Stronger (2000)

With Stronger (2000), Britney proved that she's just as good (if not more) as the popular boy bands of the time. This song's timeless lyrics are still as empowering today as it was two decades ago. "It actually reminds me to have my chin up in every situation in life because we all somehow have the strength to go through it," Social Media Manager Vania. It's an enduring anthem in her life that she puts on whenever she's feeling down. Until now, Vania still remembers the moves that she and her childhood best friend made and danced to when it was first released — very handy during impromptu talent shows, we say!

Toxic (2004)

Entering her mature phase, Britney released Toxic (2004) when she was 22 years old and has moved on to a more daring good-girl-gone-bad aesthetic. A mix of techno and dance-pop, this track stood the test of time and, honestly, if it were released today it would still sound very current and not at all out of place. Campaign Manager Dhivya says she still loves "the beat, the costumes, the heavy breathing". She jams to it whenever she's going out and "need to feel good". Truly, a classic.

Piece Of Me (2007)

2007 was a challenging year for Britney. She was in the middle of a custody battle and her mental breakdown was publicized for everyone to scrutinise and make fun of. In the next year, Britney will be put under conservatorship which is still imposed to this day. And that's the reason why Piece Of Me (2007) was a particularly interesting hit.

Aside from its snappy melody, Senior Features Writer Amanda comments that it was a "very brave biographical song" considering Britney's circumstance at the time and the generally dismissive attitude towards clap back songs which were considered petty back then. "If this was released today, I bet this song would've been a lot more appreciated given the change in today's music and entertainment industry. I have this on the same playlist as T. Swift's 'Blank Space' and Miley Cyrus' 'Fly On The Wall' which are anthems of female pop culture icons whose lives are often misconstrued by the media just because they don't 'follow the norm'," she said.

Work B**ch (2013)

Work B**ch (2013) is one of Britney's memorable first attempts at EDM territory and it didn't disappoint fans. "It's just such a fun and upbeat song to dance to! It's my kind of #MondayMotivation song whenever I'm feeling lazy or uninspired. The song's message is refreshingly direct too — how you have to hustle and put in the blood, sweat and tears to achieve the finer things in life," Features Writer Sheryl said.

Which Britney Spears hit song are you still listening to in 2020?

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