All The Tricky Style Trends In Blackpink’s Latest Album Teaser Visuals

Look out for these four fierce fashionistas

Dear Blinks and fellow K-pop fans, we are less than three days away from the official launch of global girl group BLACKPINK’s first full album, ‘The Album’ which drops this Friday on 2 October, 2PM. Over the past few months, we’ve been treated to plenty of delightful surprises from this record-breaking quartet —  starting with their hit ‘How You Like That’ before ushering in the summer with their energetic bop ‘Ice Cream’ featuring Selena Gomez.

Apart from their catchy songs and stunning music videos, the four girls — Lisa, Jennie, Ji-soo and Rosé — have made major waves in the fashion scene too. For the uninitiated, Lisa was recently named Celine’s global ambassador, while Rosé became the global face of Saint Laurent. Ji-soo never fails to look resplendent in Dior, while ‘Human Chanel’ Jennie rocks the luxury fashion house’s latest styles with tons of swagger and confidence.

Read on to discover the four trickiest fashion trends we’ve spotted on these fierce fashionistas in their latest series of teaser visuals for ‘The Album’.

#1 Jennie’s houndstooth beret

Jennie loves her black tresses and hasn’t made that many significant strides hair-wise, apart from attempting face-framing blonde streaks for ‘How You Like That’. Even then, we’d still like to commend this relatively bold look of her in a French beret that features a loud, all-over houndstooth print. After all, houndstooth is arguably one of the trickiest motifs to wear, in addition to it being Disney villain Cruella de Vil’s print of choice.

Topping off the look with kohl-rimmed eyes and layered silver jewellery, this is a welcome departure from the lead vocalist and main rapper’s personal style, which is more casual and feminine. Thoughts?

#2 Lisa’s OTT jacket

If there is anyone who is able to make the most ostentatious designs look glamorous and current, it’s 23-year-old rapper Lisa. The slender dancing queen debuted a fierce close-up image of herself in a motorcycle jacket that’s designed to be a show-stopper (just like her!)

Made of reflective, waterproof-like material, Lisa’s outerwear also features spiky studs and neon, graffiti-esque illustrations. This might’ve been too much to take in for the average wearer but for Lisa, it’s only right that she shows up in pieces that are fitting for her captivating personality. Would you have been able to rock this jacket as well as Lisa has?

#3 Ji-soo’s patchwork denim blouse

Although patchwork denim is nothing new to these girls (with Rosé strutting her stuff in a denim shorts and knee-high boots combo in ‘How You Like That’), it was nonetheless refreshing to see our vocal princess Ji-soo in this grunge-inspired get-up seeing how she's typically dressed in more timeless, elegant looks as the face of Dior. 

In addition to its patchwork details, the blouse worn by Ji-soo is also designed with unfinished, raw hems and maroon flannel fabric. To complete the ensemble, Ji-soo sported a mesh black bra top, chain earrings and gradient cherry lips. We’re loving this different side of the 25-year-old, and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

#4 Rosé’s chipped crimson nails

This might sound like a bit of stretch, but bear with us here: If you were to look closely at Rosé’s profile shot above, you will realise that she sports flawless makeup and yet is seen with chipped, red nails. This made us wonder if this was an intentional artistic decision by the band’s beauty and makeup team or a minor oversight of theirs. Either way, we wouldn’t be surprised if fellow Blinks were to start sporting unfinished manicured nails just like Rosé has in the near future.

Chipped nails aside, we’re glad to see the 23-year-old singer decked out in industrial-style silver jewellery across the teaser visuals as they complement her platinum-violet locks wonderfully. Clothing-wise, she has opted for a primarily dark grey and black palette.

We will have a better inkling of the group's top-to-toe ensembles when the official visuals make their way onto our social media feeds. Till then, tell us: which of these fashion trends did you reckon were the trickiest to adopt?

(Cover photo from: @blackpinkofficial

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