We’re Ready For BLACKPINK Rosé’s Solo Album & These Beauty Looks

From signature looks to forgotten favourites

BLINKS, we’re sure you’ve already heard about Rosé’s solo debut finally happening. While we’d have to wait just a little bit until 12 March for the album and music video release, we can’t help but already speculate what they will be about.

First, we’re banking on her first unreleased single Gone, which she sang in BLACKPINK’s recent online concert The Show, to be part of the album. Next, based on the somber and gritty feel of Gone’s teaser released by YG Entertainment last January and the recent sneak previews of the solo release, it looks like the video will be different from the K-pop girl group’s flashy and vibrant aesthetic.

While we await more details, let’s talk about another thing we’re looking forward to from this solo project: Rosé serving us more stunning beauty looks.

We’ve already seen a glimpse of her fresh flushed look in Gone’s teaser video and her fierce sharped-winged gaze in the official Instagram posts. Now, we’re listing our favourite Rosé beauty moments we hope will make an appearance in her solo album release.

Her glittery pink makeup + straight wing + blurred lips look

We often see Rosé in this soft pink monochrome eye makeup look with a straight winged liner and blurred lips. This gives her that easy-to-recognise innocent yet sultry appeal that complements the lighter hair colours she prefers to wear. We’re already expecting this look to pop up in any of the teasers or official MVs.

Cop the look: Think this kind of look doesn’t suit your skin tone? It’s all in the shade! Take note of your undertones (greenish veins indicate a warm undertone and bluish veins are for cool undertones) when choosing the reds and pinks you’ll use when copying this look.

No-makeup makeup from The Album teasers

We were all for the bold looks BLACKPINK sported in the main promo materials when The Album teasers popped up months back. But then they also released some ‘B-side’ looks that contrast the vibe of the ‘A-side’ photos which also left us in awe.

The key visual for Rosé was a pale no-makeup makeup look that looked ethereal with her silver hair at the time. We already know she looks stunning even without too much makeup on, but we’re simply in love with how this shot turned out. We think this aesthetic would look great for ballad MVs that channel a sense of vulnerability with resilience in its lyrics.

Cop the look: Channel this by adding a bit of depth to your eyes using soft neutral shadows in your lower lash line and outer V. To finish it off, use brown mascara like Cezanne’s Separate & Long Mascara in Chocolate Brown instead of black for a soft but still wide-eyed effect.

Natural hair + pink lips

Out of all the BLACKPINK members, Rosé is the most experimental when it comes to hair colour. But this look from 2017, where she posed with her natural brown hair — complete with a cute fringe — and channeled a girl-next-door vibe with a simple pink lip, remains our favourite.

We doubt she’ll completely go back to this look just for the sake of her solo album, but BLACKPINK have worn wigs in music videos before, so here’s hoping dark-haired Rosé makes a quick comeback for her solo work.

Cop the look: Take this as a sign to get that fringe. Curtain bangs tend to give anyone a softer and more youthful vibe. Wrap up the look with your favourite lip tint or lip mousse and flaunt that carefree vibe à la Rosé in this photo. How about giving the Issy & Co. Cream Tints a try the next time you recreate this look?

Wild waves

Speaking of former hairstyles, we totally want to see her trying out wild waves again for the promos and MVs of her solo album. We’ve seen her try it out with reddish brown hair (which gives her sweet prairie girl vibes) but we’re curious to see how it looks with her current bleached locks.

We can totally picture it for MVs or teasers of her more ethereal-sounding tracks. Match it with the perfect lighting and play on colours and we’ll have something that can be described by just one word: angelic.

Cop the look: If you have straight hair, take out your trusty styling tools. If you have naturally curly hair, avoid hair damage and bring out your coils with the help of the Curly Girl Method.

Tipsy blush

Unlike the drunk blush that covers most of the cheeks and the bridge of the nose, this one’s what we call the ‘tipsy’ blush since it’s only under the eyes and the apples of the cheeks. We love this look on Rosé since it looks like she’s downed a couple of — wait for it — rosés in this photo, while still looking innocently sweet.

This is the perfect look to project a heartbroken yet still beautiful look. Plus, Rosé acting in this solo project? We’d love to see it!

Cop the look: Extend your blush from under the eye to the apples of the cheek with either a compact blush brush or your fingers. Get a better effect by using cream blushes instead of powders to get a softer and more skin-like finish. Check out these multi-sticks for great options.

Chukahamnida (congratulations) on your solo debut album, Rosé! We can’t wait for what you have in store for us both music- and beauty-wise!

(Cover photo from: @blackpinkofficial)

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