What We’re Excited To See On BLACKPINK Jennie’s YouTube Channel

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Many of us found quirky ways to celebrate our birthdays amidst the pandemic such as throwing a virtual birthday bash or a drive-by birthday parade. For Blackpink member Jennie, it was launching her YouTube channel. Cool, right?

In her first video, she shared her daily look which consisted of a floral tee, flower and vintage necklaces, and jeans. Then, a fun montage ensued as she completed house chores and indulged in her hobbies while singing to the ultimate quarantine song When Will My Life Begin from Tangled (2010). And she ended her first video just like how any YouTuber would — by encouraging her viewers to subscribe.

As of now, her three-day-old channel has already amassed three million subscribers. We’re not surprised, considering that her track Solo just became the first K-pop female solo music video to get 600 million views. You bet we contributed a lot of views to both.

So it’s no secret that we’re delighted to get a glimpse of Jennie’s personality and life off the stage. But, like you, we’re excited to see more. Aside from song covers, here are the things we hope would be on BLACKPINK Jennie’s YouTube channel.

A day in the life of a K-pop star

There are a lot of “a day in the life of” videos on YouTube and there’s a reason why they’re such a hit. They just appeal to our curiosity about how others live their lives so much. They also help us discover some of their habits, which we can adopt to make our lives a little better. Now, imagine adding Jennie’s “A day in the life of a K-pop star” video to that selection. We’ll be learning about her morning routine, maybe even get some product recommendations or we can have bonus behind-the-scenes looks during dance practices in the future.

We’d also love to get a peek at Jennie’s daily life while off-duty. She loves cooking (hence, the nickname “Jennie Ramsey” after celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay), and we’d count ourselves lucky if she shares what she cooks and eats in a day. We’re always up for some new recipes to try! Also, it wouldn’t hurt to see her dogs, Kai and Kuma, and their cute antics.

Photography and modelling tips from a k-pop star

One of Jennie’s long-time passions is photography and she even has an Instagram account dedicated to her snaps. As a film photography hobbyist, she must know a thing or two about how to take beautiful photos and has recommendations about which gear is best. Plus, as a professional model and celebrity, she can also give tips on how to look good when being photographed. A photography series on BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s YouTube channel? Colour us excited!

Korean apartment tour and makeover

During their “debut” days, BLACKPINK members appeared to live together. Now that they’re household names, it seems like they’ve already got places of their own. Getting a peek at the interior design of Jennie’s space is really exciting since we know she has great taste. Just imagine all the furniture brand recommendations and design tips she’ll dish out. Considering Jennie’s sweet yet cool gal persona, we’re imagining her room’s look to be something that leans on Japandi style with a touch of feminine elements.

Assumptions about me

Jennie has had her share of criticism — from fans and haters alike — particularly for her supposed laziness in dancing, which people later learned was actually due to an ankle injury. Fans have even called for people to apologise to her. Now that Jennie has her personal platform, she can finally shed light on what’s true and false about wicked whispers. We know the “assumptions about me” videos have reached their peak in 2019 but if anyone’s gonna make it trend again, it’s Jennie.

K-pop outfit ideas

Jennie is a total fashionista, so it’s not far-fetched to say that an outfit ideas video is in the cards. Time and time again, she’s been spotted donning sophisticated numbers as an ambassador for CHANEL, so we can perhaps expect a look at her luxury collection. But what we’re more excited for is watching Jennie go thrifting or her putting together “high-low” pieces (a style trend where you mix together high-end and affordable pieces in an ensemble). Aside from that, we’re also betting that we can get practical outfit ideas to cop since Jennie also loves casual looks.

Another interesting topic she can cover fashion-wise is the process of selecting outfits for tours, music videos and even airport fashion. Her looks are often discussed by fans and fashion enthusiasts, but to hear stories about her ensembles from her? That’s golden!

What other videos would you like to see on BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s YouTube channel?

(Cover photo from: Jennierubyjane Official via YouTube)

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