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Looking for new tunes to listen to? Get into the world of K-pop by listening to GOT7. Since their debut in 2014, JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom of JYP's boy group have been making waves in the music industry, topping charts locally and internationally. With their diverse discography that ranges from upbeat hip hop tracks to mellow ballads, you'll be sure to find a song of theirs to fit your mood. And ahead, we listed some of the best GOT7 songs that'll make you an instant AhGaSe and a K-pop stan.

For your dose of positivity: Just Right

With its music video earning over 333 million views since its release in 2015, Just Right is one of GOT7's most popular hits. This has become an endearing fave among fans because of the uplifting message it sends to its listeners. When translated in English, the song encourages all to love themselves as they're "just right" the way they are. Aside from that, this cheery and bright promotional single of their third EP, written by JYP himself, greatly highlights their great vocals and rapping skills. It's the perfect track for new fans to get to know the seven-member group. 

For a compelling jam: Mayday

Next, to witness more of GOT7's wide range of skills, check out Mayday from their 2016 album, Flight Log: Turbulence. With the boy group's vocalist, Jinyoung, taking part in the writing and composition of the song, Mayday shows GOT7's strength as a self-sustaining group able to inject their compelling creativity in the music they perform. More than that, what's especially interesting about this track is that it reflects the tumultuous theme of the album, sounding melancholic despite its energetic beats. It's unexpected and refreshing — totally the kind of thing you'll put on repeat for days on end.

For a groovy bop: Lullaby

In the mood for a hit that'll make you move to the groove? Jam with the explosive bass notes of Lullaby playing loud on your speakers. This single from their 2018 album, Present: YOU, was released in four different languages: Korean, English, Chinese, and Spanish, so you can choose the one you think you'd understand and enjoy best. If that, and the fact that this funky synth-pop features groovy tunes interspersed with their effortless belts still doesn't convince you of GOT7's musical versatility, then we don't know what else will.

For a heart-warming ballad: Miracle

We know it's not the Christmas season yet, but we love how the holiday vibes of Miracle makes the single even more touching. Included in the re-release of their Present: YOU, this piano ballad showcases the gentle harmony of their seven distinct voices. The members revealed in a V Live broadcast that the song references some of their memories before their debut. However, a story circulates among their fans, the AhGaSes, that this track was actually dedicated to a fan whose life was cut short by cancer before she can watch the idols live. Whichever it is, don't you think hearing this emotional single somehow tugs at the heartstrings?

For smooth R&B: You Calling My Name

GOT7 can go serious and edgy too, and if that's the kind of vibe you're looking for, their 2019 single, You Calling My Name, is definitely worth the listen. The R&B is definitely darker and sultrier compared to their past EDM hits, but its subtly funky rhythm is still as catchy as most of their other songs. Despite that sudden shift into a sophisticated style, the seven still make it work so spectacularly, in fact, that it won them their first-ever daesang (grand prize) as the Best Performance of the Year in Asian Artist Awards.

For your chill vibing: Poison

Curious what their more recent releases sound like? Give Poison a listen, or better yet, watch their dance performance of this track featured in their latest album, DYE. Poison is a stripped-down banger — a chic hip hop tune perfect for when you're simply chilling. GOT7's maknae or youngest, Yugyeom, took part in producing the music and even collaborated with Jinyoung and Jackson to do the choreography. And the result? One of the best GOT7 songs they released in their comeback this year. 

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