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Of late, beauty documentaries have been entering our watch lists. Featuring the behind-the-scenes of the world’s booming beauty industry, these films show the not-so-glamourous side of the companies we know and love. This is largely attributed to the consumers' growing interest in knowing the contents and processes used in making the beauty products they purchase. So if you want some recommendations on what to watch, read on.

Beauty Laid Bare

Get a real inside look at the beauty industry with Beauty Laid Bare. This BBC documentary explores the American beauty industry through the eyes of four 20-year-old influencers from the UK. There, they investigate the worldwide impact of the lively makeup industry, touching on topics such as counterfeit products, animal testing, and environmental damage. Not only does the documentary show the harvesting of ingredients, but it also features interviews from beauty influencers and popular cosmetic companies. You can view the three-part series on BBC iPlayer.

Toxic Beauty

When the very entity that's meant to protect you doesn't do their job, what do you do? Toxic Beauty explores the consequences of North America’s lacking limitations on chemicals that can be used in makeup and skincare. In case you weren’t aware, companies in the cosmetics and personal care industry in North America are not required to prove that an ingredient is safe for human health before products hit the shelves. What may be your favourite beauty product can actually be severely dangerous to your health. You can watch the documentary here.

Broken Episode 1: Makeup Mayhem

Watch out, you may never buy anything ever again when you watch this Netflix exclusive. Broken is a docuseries that reveals the unethical behaviour behind some of the most popular consumer products in the world. Each episode tackles a different industry, including vape products and disposable furniture. In its very first episode, it discusses the effects of scarcity marketing tactics and the rise of the counterfeit cosmetics industry. These fake beauty products are not harmless knock-offs — they pose a real danger to your health and well-being. You can watch this riveting episode on Netflix.

The Truth About… Looking Good

A screenshot of BBC's The Truth About Looking Good, a documentary on beauty.

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If you like a science-based explanation to phenomenons, try watching an episode of BBC's The Truth About... where the show teams up with scientists and researchers to explain the science behind topics such as getting fit, healthy eating, and looking good. This episode of the BBC documentary series explores the psychology behind cosmetics and common claims made in products. It also asks the question whether these claims are backed by science or merely a part of a marketing strategy. You can watch it here.

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