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All the hype before 'Laser Candy'

Thai actress Baifern Pimchanok is on a roll this year with one movie and three TV shows added to her filmography. One of these projects is a reunion movie with Mario Maurer titled Laser Candy. The two first worked together in their 2010 sleeper hit Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

In the new project, Baifern will play the role of Lana, the girl who became the object of affection of Bobby (Maurer), an artificial intelligence glitch driven by human emotions that took the form of a man. It sounds confusing and otherworldly but still fun.

The film was set to air in June 2020 but was delayed to this year due to the pandemic. Though no specific release date has been announced. To ease the long wait, check out these Baifern Pimchanok movies and TV shows that will make you love her even more.

Movie: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010)

This should definitely be the first among Baifern Pimchanok movies and TV shows you should watch. Crazy Little Thing Called Love is about Nam (Baifern), an awkward girl who has a crush on her handsome and sporty schoolmate Shone (Mario). Wanting to catch his attention, she trades her glasses for contact lenses, tries her best to become pretty, and even studies hard to be at the top of the class. Little does she know that even prior to her ‘ugly duckling’ transformation, Shone was already into her and was just hesitant to confess his feelings.

Why you should watch it: Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a favourite because it taps into an experience that most of us have gone through during our school days. There’s young love, unrequited crushes, spats with our best friends, and of course, dealing with homework and school projects in between. But what makes it special is the fact that it’s not about a girl changing herself for a guy. While it initially seemed like Nam was doing it for Shone, all her changes also helped her love herself more and feel more confident about who she was; it was a natural journey. At its core, it’s Nam’s coming-of-age story.

Series: Secret Garden (2019)

A Thai remake of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-Won’s 2010 K-drama of the same name, Secret Garden tells the story of a conceited CEO and a stuntwoman trying to make ends meet. The two end up switching bodies after a bizarre series of events. Baifern plays the lead role in this drama, with Thai-Australian actor Ananda Everingham as her co-star.

Why you should watch it:
Whether or not you’ve seen the original K-drama, this version is a must-see. It captures the charming mix of drama and comedy the plot calls for while staying original as an adaptation. Baifern also plays the duality of her role quite well, adding a gripping sense of reality to the otherwise fantasy-driven story.

Movie: The Con-Heartist (2020)

Baifern plays Ina, a naive girl drowning in debt after her ex-boyfriend runs away with her money. She crosses paths with con-artist Tower (Nadech Sugimiya) whom she catches after he tries to scam her. After Tower learns about her circumstances, he ends up helping her deal with her ex-boyfriend. Along the way, the two fall in love.

Why you should watch it: Baifern’s character may be naive, but she’s more endearing than annoying. Her story of making rash decisions because of love is quite relatable and her actions are justifiable. This film is like her coming-of-age story, where she learns that she should leave some things for herself rather than give her all to someone who doesn’t deserve it. This beautiful message is wrapped around a hilarious plot that will surely have you cry-laughing throughout the film.

Series: My Dear Warrior (2019)

My Dear Warrior is a fantasy series about Sky (Baifern), an astronomer who meets her favourite comic book character Hoshi (Oab Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang) when he magically comes to life. Things turn upside down when the rest of the characters in Hoshi’s story start appearing in Sky’s world, along with their fictional problems.

Why you should watch it: The ingenious plot, the comedic acting, and the campiness — it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but we highly suggest you give it a go. This Thai lakorn (television drama) is filled with creativity and overflowing excitement. Sky’s struggle to deal with mixing the real world with her budding relationships with the fictional characters is also somewhat intriguing, especially if you are deeply curious about parasocial relationships.

Movie: Back To The 90s (2015)

Unlike Western time travel movies where complete do-overs are almost always the conclusion, Asian time warp stories usually take a more exciting, albeit bittersweet, turn. Back To The 90s is a good example of that. The story starts when teenager Kong (Dan Aaron Ramnarong) accidentally travels back in time while wishing to fix his parents’ relationship. He meets his father’s best friend Som (Baifern), whom he thinks his father was in love with and was the cause of his parents’ current strained marriage. As he tries to steer Som away from his father, Kong finds himself falling for her instead.

Why you should watch it: While it poses itself as a romantic comedy, Back To The 90s is actually a heartfelt film that explores themes about families, responsibilities, and friendships. It puts emphasis on the importance of getting to know the people closest to us instead of building walls because we don’t understand each other. A must-watch in our book!

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