Intriguing April Netflix Releases To Add To Your Queue Next

Titles that tug at the mind and heart

April’s coming in fast and you know what that means: new titles arriving on Netflix. It seems like the coming month is filled with a lot of intriguing and voyeuristic titles fit for every interest and mood. Curious to see which ones are worth spending your precious downtime on? Keep scrolling!

Ride Or Die

Starring Kiko Mizuhara and Honami Sato, this Japanese psychological thriller is arriving on Netflix this 15 April. It revolves around Rei (Kiko Mizuhara) who saves her high school friend Nanae (Honami Sato) from her abusive husband. Rei is in love with Nanae and because of her anger, she ends up murdering Nanae’s husband. On the run, the two navigate through the consequences of their actions, as well as their growing feelings for each other.

Reason to watch it: Netflix’s BL (boys’ love) or yaoi library has grown significantly over the past years and it looks like the platform is expanding to the GL (girls’ love) or yuri genre as well with Ride Or Die. However, instead of taking a lighthearted approach fit for the male gaze, this film dives deep into struggles about sexuality, relationships, and societal expectations.

Madame Claude

Another provocative title coming to Netflix is Madame Claude, which retells the story of the titular real-life figure. Claude owned one of the biggest high-class brothels in Paris in the 60s. She led a colourful life, catering to high-profile clients and serving as an informant to the French police to earn security from the authorities. Still, circumstances caught up to her which led her to being on the run. She later became imprisoned and became reclusive from the world until her death in 2015. Fun fact: she’s the one who coined the term ‘call girl’.

Reason to watch it: Madame Claude was undeniably an influential figure in recent history given her contributions to the inner workings of the sex trade industry. Whatever your perception of the matter, finding out her motivations for her actions in the film, which is launching 2 April, is something undeniably fascinating.

Love And Monsters

If an adventure-comedy fits your viewing preference more, Love And Monsters is the one to watch. Available to stream starting 14 April, join Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien) as he takes on the world seven years after the Monsterpocalypse to find his ex-girlfriend, Aimee (Jessica Henwick).

Reason to watch it: The plot is pretty simple and straightforward, making it a great choice if you want a break from convoluted dramas or films. It has comedy, action, and of course, a slight touch of romance, too — it basically has everything you and your family can enjoy. Think Zombieland meets Jurassic Park!

This Is A Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist

Money Heist, the Ocean’s anthology, Now You See Me — fictional heist movies and dramas are fun to watch because they have action, drama, and unending suspense. But what if we take away the fictional aspect of it and set it in real life?

In 1990, two men dressed as police officers took over the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Thirteen artworks worth millions of dollars were stolen. This docu-series airing 7 April revisits this event, which even 30 years later remains unsolved.

Reason to watch it: You don’t have to be an art enthusiast to enjoy the thrill of this documentary. The attempt to find out how two men took over an entire museum’s security and staff — and successfully pulled off a heist — is all the reason you need to hit that play button.

My Love: Six Stories Of True Love

Love month is already over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating. In this docu-series coming to the platform 13 April, Netflix gives us a glimpse into the lives of six couples from different parts of the world (USA, Spain, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, and India) that have powered through decade-long relationships.

Reason to watch it: In a time where everything is uncertain and distant, this is a feel-good documentary that each of us need right now. It’s also interesting to see if cultures inform love languages.

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