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Virtual glow-up

When Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: New Horizons back in March, nobody expected the virtual island-simulation to be the go-to game of the quarantine period. The relaxing aspect of the Nintendo Switch game has people seeking refuge in its calm, undemanding environment as the real world continues to battle a global pandemic. Its mainstream popularity and endless customisation possibilities caught the attention of big-time fashion brands and designers who ended up making design codes inspired by their previous seasonal collections.

With skincare and self-care taking the front seat during quarantine, it’s unsurprising that beauty brands have since followed in fashion brands' footsteps by collaborating with ACNH content creators on some new unique features — such as clothes, makeup, and even an entire island. Players can use these free designs to give their characters an inspired glow-up.

If you haven’t given in to the game’s call, these new Animal Crossing beauty brand collaborations may just change your mind.


Glossier was one of the first beauty brands to hop on the Animal Crossing hype by re-creating their pink hoodie merch within the game. With help from the folks of Nook Street Market, an Instagram account that makes unique design codes for the game, Glossier fans can now dress up their character with The Hoodie in Original Pink for a comfy, chic look as they look for fossils and collectables around their island.

Givenchy Beauty

An Animal Crossing beauty brand collaboration that nobody saw coming was with Givenchy Beauty. Claiming to be the very first luxury brand to join the fray, Givenchy treats players to exclusive makeup designs inspired by their makeup collection. Your avatar can rock the iconic Le Rouge Lipstick and Prisme Libre Loose Powder for free!

Gillette Venus

This Animal Crossing beauty brand collaboration, made with the help of graphic designer Nicole Cuddihy, celebrates skin diversity by introducing the Skinclusive Summer Line. It features 19 new styles and over 250 designs made "for players who want to replicate the look of their IRL skin within the game", according to the Gillette Venus website. Freckles, vitiligo, and prosthetics are just a few of the real-skin representations that are now available to players in the game.


Lastly, luxury Japanese skincare brand Tatcha takes it a step further by creating their very own island called "Tatchaland" for the launch of their new The Rice Wash cleanser. In partnership with Nook Street Market and the wellness brand Alo, this collab allows players to dress up in a comfy sweatshirt (inspired by Alo's new Lavender Smoke Hoodie) and a silk robe in Tatcha’s signature purple hue before visiting the island. The QR design codes will be posted on Nook Street Market's Instagram. Tatchaland is set to open on 14 August, with sign-ups beginning on 7 August at, so get ready to hop on the Dodo Airlines plane for an amazing afternoon!

(Cover photo from: @givenchybeauty)

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