5 Sci-Fi K-Dramas Worth Watching

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What do you think our future would look like? Do you think the world would be filled with hovering cars zooming metres above the ground? Or perhaps you're hoping to be one of the first to live on another planet a few decades later? Imagining all these possibilities is what makes science and fantasy fiction fun and they definitely spice up all the story formulas we've come to know and love. Continue exploring what our future might have in store for us and binge on these sci-fi K-dramas worth watching.

I'm Not A Robot

A chaebol (large family-owned conglomerate) heir deathly allergic — we mean that literally — to people forms a close bond with a project he's testing: a human-like robot with ground-breaking AI capabilities. But, what happens if, it turns out, the android is actually a person begged to pretend by her scientist ex-boyfriend while he deals with an issue with his invention? Well, there's no other way to know than by watching I'm Not A Robot

Watch out for: The riveting performances of rising stars Chae Soo Bin and Yoo Seung Ho. This 2017 MBC rom-com shows much of their chemistry, but more than that, it allows them to flex their skills at making us uncontrollably sob one second and laugh out loud the next.

Memories of Alhambra

AR (augmented reality) entertainment is an emerging trend in the world of gaming at this moment. If you're curious what this tech could offer us in the coming decades, Memories of Alhambra is a definite must-watch. Starring Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye as a gaming CEO and hostel owner entangled in a series of mysterious events where virtual reality seems to be spilling and gradually overtaking real life. 

Watch out for: Its unique storyline and epic fight scenes. Being the brainchild of Song Jae Jung known for writing W: Two Worlds Apart, Memories of Alhambra has quite a bunch of unexpected plot twists that liven up the story. You'll definitely be gripping your chair as you want for the events to unfold.

My Love From the Star

With only two episodes airing a week, It's Okay To Not Be Okay is bound to leave you hanging for more of Kim Soo Hyun. So while waiting for the new releases, watch him play the strong and dependable Do Min Jun, an extraterrestrial stranded on earth, on My Love From the Star. We're telling you — his bright eyes and cool demeanour will definitely change the way you imagine aliens. Here, in one of the most epic romantic sci-fi K-dramas of the past decade, we see his quiet and low-key life is disrupted when he gets entangled in the mysterious events surrounding his neighbour, Hallyu actress Cheon Song Yi.

Watch out for: The star-crossed romance of our main leads. It's heart-wrenching and sweet at the same time. You'd want him to return home but you'd also root for them to stay together at the same time. And if you love the fairy tale parallels of Kim Soo Hyun's current drama, you'll appreciate how this one alludes to The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Melting Me Softly

When his military hiatus ended last year, Ji Chang Wook made his return to the small screen with his lead role on tvN's drama set in 1999 entitled Melting Me Softly. He took on the role of Ma Dong Chan, an award-winning production director. To give his popular variety show a fun twist, he and Go Mi Ran, a struggling working student played by Won Jin Ah, take part in a cryogenic experiment. They're supposed to be frozen for only 24 hours, but due to cryptic events, they find themselves waking up 20 years later in 2019 where everything but themselves has aged and changed.

Watch out for: Its heart-warming and comedic scenes. Melting Me Softly has mystery playing on the background while it explores familial relationships and how the unconditional love for our kin transcends time. It's a nice touch for this light watch, making it perfect for those who want to take a break of serious dramas. 

Circle: Two Worlds Connected

Those who loved Yeo Jin Goo in Hotel del Luna will be delighted to know that he also has quite a lot of sci-fi K-dramas in his repertoire. One that you should watch is Circle: Two Worlds Connected. The story, which unravels two parallel plots set in 2017 and 2037, centres on a twin brothers' discovery of an alien tech that could just be the downfall of humanity. With the ever-stellar acting of Yeo Jin Goo, as well as the equally great performances of his castmates Gong Seung Yeon and Kim Kang Woo, you'll definitely be hooked into this underrated gem.

Watch out for: Its suspense-filled story that will definitely make you exercise your theorising skills. With each episode of the drama separated into two parts — each featuring the two different timelines — there seems to be a lot to unpack at the beginning of this unpredictable drama. But you'll find that each little event plays a part and it all beautifully comes together in a satisfying conclusion in the end. 

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