Style At Every Age: 5 Mature Models & Celebs Who Are Changing The Game

Breaking barriers

The traditional notion of “dressing appropriately for your age” seems awfully outdated, don’t you think? Proving that great style comes in every age, here are five mature models, celebrities and influencers who are changing the game with their charisma and youthful outlook on fashion, life and beyond.

“Elderpreneur” & part-time model Ong Bee Yan

65-year-old Ong Bee Yan (AKA @grey_evolution on Instagram) is a grandmother of two and the co-founder of an artisanal cold brew coffee startup. However, just a little over two years ago, the former public relations executive found herself adding “part-time model” to her resume as well. The grey-haired “elderpreneur” has appeared on the cover of fashion magazines as well as modelled for reputable brands such as IT Cosmetics and Gentle Monster.

When interviewed by Singaporean digital news provider Today, Bee Yan revealed: “My image of a model is that she has to be tall, slim, drop-dead gorgeous. So, never in my wildest dreams, have I ever imagined myself to be a model.”

Fashion blogger Lyn Slater of @iconaccidental

“You don't see someone my age with white hair wearing these clothes in advertisements, but I wear it and I can really pull it off. I think we have very outdated ideas of what it means to be older,” revealed fashion blogger 68-year-old Lyn Slater in an interview.

Slater’s legion of fans (over 750,000 followers on Instagram, to be exact) can attest to her statement, as the former clinical associate professor at Fordham University has confidently pulled off a variety of statement-making fashion items on the daily, from a cowboy-inspired fringe jacket to a pair of sneakers from sustainable denim brand Re/Done.

South Korean actress Kim Seo-Hyung

In a highly competitive industry that’s constantly on the hunt for the youngest crop of entertainers, South Korean actress Kim Seo-Hyung seems perfectly confident and unbothered by the pressure as she wins over the attention of viewers — one memorable acting role at a time. In fact, the actress made headlines not too long ago after international viewers dubbed her Korea’s Cate Blanchett.

K-drama fans will recognise the 48-year-old as the mysterious university entrance exam coordinator Kim Joo-Young in SKY Castle, or more recently as Jung Seo-Hyun in Mine, which is currently streaming on Netflix. Viewers will likely agree that her sharp features and arresting expressions make her stand out amongst other actresses. Also, did we mention how powerful she looks in a three-piece suit?

“Japan’s cutest couple” @bonpon511

Touted as “Japan’s cutest couple”, Mr Tsuyoshi Seki and Mrs Tomi Seki of @bonpon511 have amassed over 800,000 followers on Instagram for sharing uplifting photos of their fashionable, coordinated outfits. And the best part? Their eye-catching ensembles are functional, versatile and can be worn by couples or individuals of almost any age.

“Of course we’re happy to be described as style icons in the media, but that’s not really how we see ourselves. We wear simple, inexpensive clothes that anyone can buy,” shared Tomi in an interview. This goes to show that style isn’t made just for the young and it doesn’t need to come with an expensive price tag.

Furthermore, the couple, who’s currently in their 60s, celebrated their 41st anniversary last month and have recently collaborated with Japanese fashion brand Sunny Clouds to launch its Summer 2021 collection.

Schellea Fowler of @fabulous50s

If you were to name a YouTube Creator who’s just earned themselves a Golden “Play Button” you’d probably assumed that it was a teenage gamer or a mukbang vlogger. While food and gaming are indeed amongst the top trending categories on the video-sharing platform, niche content creators can garner just as much authority in influencing their target audience too.

Meet 50-something-year-old Australian YouTuber Schellea (pronounced shel-lee) Fowler of @fabulous50s, who has over 1.1 million subscribers to date for sharing fashion, fitness and beauty content that relates to women over the age of 50.

Sharing her motivations behind starting her YouTube channel, Schellea revealed: “I think the main reason why we are so confused [in terms of dressing for our age] is that marketers aren’t [catering] to women of our age group. You’re either under 40 or over 70 and the gap between those ages is completely not thought about." 

So, are you now convinced that style is truly ageless? 

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(Cover photo from: @grey_evolution)

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