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With most people trying to do social distancing in this pandemic, various establishments across the world have taken the hit. For one, the movie industry's box office sales have taken the plunge, with countless movie theatres across the globe limiting audiences or even completely shutting down. In order to cope, production companies have been making adjustments with their filming and showing schedules. And what about those just recently premiered and still showing in theatres? Well, companies like Universal Studios and Warner Bros. have decided to make some of their releases available to watch online. It's an unprecedented move because, normally, these new films would only be available for home consumption months after their theatrical release. For your home-viewing, we list down a few of the 2020 movies streaming early. 


Missed the adaptation of Jane Austen's classic when it premiered late February? Follow the hilarious antics of young Emma Woodhouse as she meddles with the lives of her friends and family with her well-meaning attempts at match-making. Set in England during the Georgian Era, the light-hearted rom-com is a must-watch as it's one of the much-awaited women-centred films of the year. Catch Emma when it becomes available for streaming this Saturday, 21 March.

The Invisible Man

In the mood for a thrilling film? Stream Universal Studio's The Invisible Man when it also becomes available on 21 March. A modern adaptation of H.G. Wells' novel of the same name, the sci-fi horror follows a woman (played by Elisabeth Moss) who thinks she's being stalked by her abusive boyfriend who's believed to have committed suicide. 

The Hunt

That's right — another thriller joins the list of 2020 movies streaming early this week. The Hunt starring Betty Gilpin, Ike Barinholtz, Emma Roberts and Hilary Swank is also ready for viewing at home starting this Saturday. The story revolves around 12 individuals chosen to be hunted by elites as a game. Meant to be a satire on the great political divide, the violent film was the centre of a number of controversies. We know you're equally curious as to what will happen in The Hunt, so go ahead and watch it this weekend.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

Wanted to watch the spin-off of DC's Suicide Squad but never found the time to go to the theatres? Well, this 25 March, you can finally see the fabulousness of Margot Robbie as she once again takes the mantle of the anti-heroine Harley Quinn. Now free from her abusive relationship with the Joker in Birds of Prey, she finds her own strength and freedom as she joins forces with other superheroines to destroy a criminal empire. 

The Gentlemen

Another one of the many 2020 movies streaming that's packed with action and comedy is, of course, Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen. The film, available for streaming starting 25 March, features Matthew McConaughey as American ex-pat Mickey Pearson, a marijuana kingpin in London looking to sell his business. This sets off a chain of schemes planned by shady men looking to steal his domain. Joining the lead is an all-star cast including Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, and more.

Itching to watch them all? These films are now available for pre-order on Amazon Prime and are also expected to be released on other platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube.

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