Your Ultimate Guide To The 2024 Concerts In Singapore

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Music lovers and K-pop fans, here’s your ultimate guide to the best concerts in Singapore happening from April and the rest of 2024! 

guide to concerts in Singapore 2024

Add these concerts to your calendar.

Concerts in Singapore - April 

3, 5, and 6 April: Bruno Mars

Feel that “24-karat magic in the air” because Bruno Mars is coming over to Singapore! The celebrated singer, songwriter, producer, and musician is known for hits such as Leave the Door Open, 24K Magic, Finesse, and more. After five years, he will be performing for three nights (3, 5, and 6 April) at the Singapore National Stadium. 

Tickets are now sold out, but you can register for the waitlist here.

6 April: ITZY

Dress up and “do it like a mafia” because ITZY is returning to Singapore for their second World Tour. Gear up for electrifying performances from Yeji, Yuna, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong (Lia is on a temporary hiatus due to health issues). In this tour, the group will treat MIDZYs (their fandom name) to the first live performance of their latest mini album BORN TO BE. 

ITZY’s concert will take place on 6 April at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Ticket prices range from SGD168 to SGD348. Get yours via Ticketmaster.

10 April: King Gnu

Japan’s rock band King Gnu is coming to Singapore for the first time. The four-piece band consists of Tsuneta Daiki, Seki Yuu, Arai Kazuki, and Iguchi Satoru. Get ready to scream and rock out to their high-energy hits such as GLASS WINDOW, CHAMELEON, and SPECIALZ.

King Gnu’s concert will take place on 10 April at The Star Theatre, but tickets are now sold out.

13 April: Moon Byul 

MAMAMOO’s Moon Byul is gearing up to take centre stage for her first World Tour, MUSEUM : an epic of starlit. Witness her powerful vocals, rapping skills, and captivating stage presence. Prepare to vibe to her songs such as TOUCHIN&MOVIN, Think About, and more.

She will be performing on 13 April at the Capitol Theatre. Ticket prices range from SGD168 to SGD268. Get yours via Ticketmaster on 14 March at 12NN. 

20 - 21 April: IU

UAENAs, get ready to sing, cheer, dance, and possibly cry because our queen IU is coming to Singapore for the 2024 IU H.E.R. WORLD TOUR CONCERT. Expect to hear her iconic high notes and be won over by her sweet charm and personality. Aside from live performances of the songs from her latest album The Winning, we also bet that her fan-favourite songs such as Blueming and eight featuring BTS’ Suga will also be in the setlist.

She will be performing for two nights on 20 and 21 April at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Ticket prices range from SGD178 to SGD298. Get yours via Ticketmaster on 15 March at 10AM.

27 April: CNBLUE

Rise and shine, second-gen K-pop stans! K-band CNBLUE is coming to Singapore for their much-awaited CNBLUENTITY concert. Witness the talented skills of members Jung Yong-hwa, Kang Min-hyuk, and Lee Jung-shin (whom you might have seen in various K-dramas) as they perform their unique rock meets pop songs. You can bet that there will be no loners when everyone sings along to their hits such as I’m a Loner, Can’t Stop, and I’m Sorry. 

CNBLUE will be performing on 27 April at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Ticket prices range from SGD168 to SGD308. Get yours via Ticketmaster today.

29 April: INCUBUS

American rock band INCUBUS is coming to Singapore for their 2024 Asia Tour. Get ready for all the waves of nostalgia as you sing along to their hits such as Drive, Wish You Were Here, and more.

INCUBUS’ concert will take place on 29 April at The Star Theatre. Ticket prices range from SGD138 to SGD188. Get yours via Sistic.

Concerts in Singapore - May

9 May: Niall Horan

Gather ‘round, hardcore One Direction stans, because Niall Horan is coming to “this town” for his biggest tour yet. Swoon over his soulful ballads such as Slow Hands and This Town. And get ready for the time of your life for his other hits such as Nice to Meet Ya and Heartbreak Weather. 

Niall’s concert will take place on 9 May at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Ticket prices range from SGD108 to SGD278. Get yours via Ticketmaster.


Anyone else who got chills after hearing Sparkle, the beautiful song from the anime movie Your Name? Get ready to hear the powerful artists behind it live! Japanese rock band RADWIMPS is coming to Singapore for their The way you yawn, and the outcry of Peace World Tour. Fun fact: they’re also the ones behind the wonderful soundtracks of Weathering With You and Makoto Shinkai’s latest film Suzume which was nominated for the Golden Globes. 

RADWIMPS’ concert will take place on 11 May at Singapore Expo. Ticket prices are at SGD168 and SGD188. Get yours via Ticketmaster

13 May: elijah woods

Can’t get the sweet song 24/7, 365 out of your head? Hear it live from elijah woods’ upcoming Asia tour. He’s an up-and-coming artist known for catchy melodies, vivid lyrics, and a signature crisp, accessible production style.

His concert will take place on 13 May at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. Tickets are sold out but you can register for the waitlist here.

Concerts in Singapore - June

1 June: Tarcy Su

Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su is coming to Singapore for her first solo concert. Get ready to hear the Mandopop queen’s lovely vocals and join her as she celebrates her 30th debut anniversary.

Tarcy Su’s concert is happening on 1 June at The Star Theatre. Ticket prices range from SGD108 to SGD238. Get yours via Live Nation’s Pre-sale on 11 March.

14 June: Alexander 23

Alexander Glantz — the artist behind Alexander 23 — is coming to Singapore for his American Boy in Asia Tour. He’s known for the heartfelt songs IDK You Yet and How Much Longer? He also co-produced good for you by Olivia Rodrigo.

Alexander’s concert is happening on 14 June at the Capitol Theatre. Ticket prices range from SGD78 to SGD168. Get yours via Ticketmaster

29 - 30 June: NCT Dream

NCTzens, the Dreamies are returning to Singapore for The Dream Show 3. Treat yourself to their incredible harmonies, sweet ballads, and upbeat hits such as Hot Sauce, Candy, ISTJ, and more. We’re hoping to see all seven of them (Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung) this time around since Chenle wasn’t able to perform last year due to sickness.

NCT Dream’s concert is happening on two nights, 29 and 30 June, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Stay tuned for more ticketing details!

Concerts in Singapore - July

20 July: aespa

aespa is bringing "all the drama" and their next-level performances to Singapore! It's their first concert in the country and is part of their SYNK: Parallel Line tour. The quartet is composed of Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning and some of their hit songs are Drama, Spicy, Savage, and Better Things. The venue and the ticketing details have yet to be revealed, so stay tuned.

20 July: RIIZE

Call “119” because RIIZE is coming to Singapore for their first fan-concert! The rookie group has already made waves with fun hits such as Get A Guitar, Talk Saxy, and Love 119. RIIZE is made up of Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Sohee, and Anton. Seunghan is on hiatus due to controversies before he debuted.

RIIZE’s fan-con is happening on 20 July. Stay tuned for more details about the location and ticket prices.

Concerts in Singapore - September

20 September: LANY

Prepare your heart to be broken and healed again with LANY at a beautiful blur: the world tour in Singapore. They’re the group that gave us hits such as Thru These Tears, Malibu Nights, ILYSB, pink skies, and more. 

LANY will be performing on 20 September at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Mastercard Cardholders have special access to presale and preferred tickets from 12 March via Priceless. Live Nation members can secure tickets during the exclusive Live Nation pre-sale on 14 March. Tickets to the public will be available from 15 March via Ticketmaster.

Which concerts are you looking forward to the most?

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