Here’s What Love Means To Me

#TeamClozette weighs in on this ‘complex’ emotion

Love: a four-letter word that everyone encounters almost on a daily basis but is hard to define. Even the dictionary defines it in more ways than one, referring to it both as an emotion and an action related to "attachment" or "devotion" towards something or someone.

It is a powerful word that has driven — and is still driving — human creativity and passion for thousands of years. Did you know the oldest known love poem traces its history to as early as the year c.2000 BCE? And yet, even with thousands and thousands of poems and songs and books that have been written in its name, ‘love’ and its ‘true meaning’ remains elusive and hard to define for everyone.

That’s why, just in time for love month, we decided to zero in on the concept by asking #TeamClozette on their definition of ‘love’. Here’s what they have to say.

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Love is…"finding a person who feels like home."

Be it romantic or platonic, love is about "accepting a person for who they are" and "loving both the good and the bad about the person," said Campaign Manager Marga from the Philippine team.

She added that, beyond anything else, it’s being able to simply "look at someone" and immediately feeling like that person is your ‘home’.

Love is…"being around the people who bring you laughter."

For Campaign Manager Stephanie from the Singapore team, on the other hand, love is "happiness and happiness is being around people who bring you laughter."

She stressed the importance of surrounding yourself with people who "accept and care for you unconditionally" and also "support you in everything you do". However, it should never be just a one-way street.

"Love comes in various forms," said Stephanie. "We also need to remember to be kind and give love."

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Love is…"overrated".

When asked the question, Clozette co-founder and Business Director Cheryl said: “Can I be controversial?”

She explained that she personally thinks that “love has been glorified as the most important thing in life,” thus, making it overrated.

“People always feel that they can’t be happy if they are not in love or that they need to find their other half to complete them.”

However, her statement isn’t coming from a place of bitterness, but rather of encouragement.

She reminded: “Love is the ability to love others the same way you love yourself. If you can't love yourself, you can't love others. So stop looking for someone to come into your life and make you happy. Only you can bring happiness to yourself, and when you do, love will find you!" 

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Love is… "healing".

For Digital Imagery Creative Sufi, "Love is not just a feeling but also a sense of healing."

He strongly believes that "we heal when we are loved" especially with the world today is filled with so much uncertainty and chaos. He also sends a reminder to everyone to "spread love and be loved" because it is the "most beautiful thing to do."

Love is…"choosing the same person over and over again."

"It’s feeling safe and being able to trust and communicate honestly, knowing that you both have each other’s best interest at heart even when you fight," said CoolJP Content and Campaign Manager Wanjing.

She added that love is also not forcing someone to "become the clone of the other" and being able to show exactly who you are without fear of "judgement, rejection or abandonment."

But it doesn’t necessarily just end there. Wanjing pressed on that while "you like who you are when you’re with each other," it’s also growing mutually and becoming "better versions of yourselves" as time passes by.

And, very apt given the current situation we’re in, she concluded: "Love is also sharing special moments even when you are physically apart. It’s receiving messages saying, ‘This reminded me of you.’ It’s not having to talk every day but having endless things to talk about when you do."

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Love is… "indescribable."

Campaign Manager Eunice’s answer perhaps confirms many people’s idea of it: "It makes sense to all living beings but no one really understands love."

She believes that it is "the only emotion that is beyond one’s self" but despite this, it has no exact "right or wrong" definition, leaving it up to each and every person’s interpretation and experience.

She wistfully ends her answer, saying, "In life, everyone is trying hard to grasp this unique concept and here I am, still learning the true meaning of ‘love’."

Which definition of love from #TeamClozette did you relate to the most?

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