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What have you been up to during this #stayhome season? Members of our Clozette community have been busy unwinding with a beauty face mask and a good book, or even experimenting with fun yet surprisingly challenging recipes in the kitchen (Dalgona coffee, anyone?) For those of you who are in the mood to pick up a new skill or two, there are also plenty of complimentary online classes to take part in alongside entertaining yet educational ‘live’ sessions hosted by your favourite brands and influencers.

Our current favourite activity, though, is to tune into on a Spotify podcast to remain connected with the latest news as we go about our daily routines. During your upcoming workout sessions at home, consider switching your amped up gym playlist to a fitness podcast — pick up useful tips on staying active from the world’s leading athletes and industry experts. If you feel those anxiety levels creeping in from hearing all the news surrounding the current pandemic that is COVID-19, distract yourself for a few moments with a chill, feel-good podcast.

Ahead, we round up our favourite podcasts at the moment, all of which are available for free on Spotify.

Your Gym Buddy: 'Trained’ by Nike

If you need a little motivation in completing your HIIT sessions, check out Trained’ by leading sportswear brand Nike. Currently in its fourth season, the podcast sees host Ryan J Flaherty, Trainer and Senior Director of Performance of Nike, striking informative and meaningful dialogues surrounding the five facets of fitness (movement, recovery, nutrition, mindset and sleep) with industry experts and athletes.

Why it’s worth tuning in: As an industry insider himself, Flaherty successfully balances between sharing about his personal experiences as a trainer (he’s a longtime trainer for American football quarterback Russell Wilson) and in commenting on the current state of holistic fitness. He also comes across as an attentive listener who poses sensitive yet thought-provoking questions to his interviewees. Be assured that there is always a great lesson that you can take home with you after each episode.

Your Witty ‘Oppa’: Kpop Daebak with Eric Nam

K-pop is one of the most popular music genres in our region, and it can be tough keeping up with all the latest releases from our favourite Korean music artists. For a hilarious and surprisingly informative round-up of the newest in K-Pop, check out the podcast Kpop Daebak with Eric Nam hosted by Atlanta-born singer and host Eric Nam. This weekly podcast involves Nam giving his two cents on his favourite song releases and with occasional guest appearances by Korean artists such as Amber Liu of former girl group f(x), BM of co-ed band KARD and Tablo of Epik High sharing about their latest music and projects.

Why it’s worth tuning in: It’s Eric Nam — need we say more? We love how refreshingly honest and entertaining he is when dishing about his life as an artist and on the Korean music industry. Plus, his podcasts make you feel like you are part of a chill, down-to-earth group of K-pop lovin’ enthusiasts, and that’s never a bad thing.

Your Cool Teacher: TED Talks Daily

There is no doubt that TED Talks has become a major source of information and inspiration for us around the globe, and in this podcast format titled TED Talks Daily, it involves host and journalist Elise Hu revealing thought-provoking ideas on a plethora of subjects — from what it’s like to have autism to tips on ’turning off’ work thoughts during your free time. New episodes are released every weekday, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to spark your curiosity or in broadening your perspectives. 

Why it’s worth tuning in: Our attention spans have become shorter than ever, and this may make it difficult for many of us to concentrate on a serious topic of discussion for an extended period of time. Fortunately, TED Talks Daily’s under-20-minute podcasts offer the right mix of education and entertainment without being boring. Try hitting ‘play’ on this series every time you organise your wardrobe or prepare a meal — you will be surprised by how much more insightful you will become over time.

Your Soothing, Soul Sister: The Aida Azlin Show

Sometimes, when you are feeling low, all you need is a soothing voice to remind you that there are beautiful moments in life worth cherishing, and that with perseverance, patience and positivity, you can overcome almost anything. Enter Aida Azlin, a writer who has recently started her own podcast, The Aida Azlin Show. Azlin revealed that she was inspired to create this series as “writing can be a lonely activity, and I can never resist a great conversation.” This led to her striking honest, heartwarming conversations with her special guests comprised of inspiring individuals from all walks of life.

Why it’s worth tuning in: You feel as if you are being nestled warmly in a safe zone the moment you press ‘play.’ It’s a feel-good podcast that is filled with positive vibes. It encourages you to be more accepting of differences and to embrace the good with the bad.

Which of these podcasts will you be checking out? Till then, let’s continue to stay home to protect ourselves, our loved ones and those around us. We've got this!

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