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There are bound to be days when you wake up feeling not quite ready to face things, especially during this period of social distancing — and that's totally okay! You don't need to feel guilty over it. After all, isolation carries a number of risks both to our physical and mental health, causing effects such as lowered immunity, depressive symptoms, and impaired executive function, the American Psychological Association reports. Extended confinement leaves you feeling like you're cut off from the world with no control over your situation, which ultimately renders you unable to perform your usual duties.

And since we currently can't turn to the green outdoors to boost our vitality, instead, we bring you productivity YouTube channels that can help you through your down days. Through their tips and stories, hopefully, these vloggers can inspire you to pick yourself up and take a step towards a brighter day.


Aileen Xu, through her channel Lavendaire, invites you to become an artist of life with her videos that advocate for personal growth and lifestyle design. She hosts vlogs that help build your intrapersonal skills and self-love, as well as tips on journalling and other exercises that help your motivation. Oh, and to those who enjoy listening to podcasts, Aileen also hosts one every week here.

Jenn Im

Next on well-rounded productivity YouTube channels is Jenn Im's. The Korean American online creator uploads a whole slew of vlogs with content ranging from style inspirations to career-related advice. Her passion shows in her wholesome vids, and her excitement will push you to also strive towards your goals filled with inspiration.

Alex Miotto

Meanwhile, those feeling quite overwhelmed at how things are unfolding can tune in to Alex Miotto's YouTube channel. Though relatively new as a vlogger, Alex's videos are a testament to how relaxing taking it slow can be. She's very open about her Christian faith, and aside from that, her mindfulness tips also provide solace to the weary soul seeking a break.


Those looking for productivity YouTube channels that offer concrete life-improvement tips can also hit subscribe on MuchelleB's channel. Quite into minimalism, Muchelle offers recommendations on how you can simplify your life and grow. More than that, watching her guides is almost exactly like chatting with a friend. She also shares her experiences that are oh-so-relatable, inviting you to laugh and feel with her. 


Finally, there's also Jasmine, a.k.a. Jem, who fills her channel with videos that are short and sweet. Jem's vlogs fit the endearingly simple aesthetic, but she doesn't hesitate in showing the messes of her real life. Ultimately, her chill updates about her own productivity journey are incredibly nifty that it'll incite a surge in your own efficiency too. 

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