FAVE 5: Picnic Party

Glam in the sun

Outdoor lovers, unite! With looser movement order restrictions, we may finally have our taste of fun under the sun! We're sure, like us, you're reminiscing over the joys we had, feasting outdoor on a mat under the glorious sun. So here are five ideas from the Clozette Community to help inspire you to create your next picnic stylishly — but safely.  

Lounging on greens

Lounge in the green
(Photo from: megannmonday)

An afternoon nap at the park

Weekend brunch in the park
(Photo from: MissSunshine23)

Dreamy feast

Dreamy feast
(Photo from: yuniqueyuni)

Vogue picnic

Vogue picnic
(Photo from: annlopez)

Fun on the beach

Fun on a beach
(Photo from: Lexiepuzon)

(Cover photo from: annlopez)

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