FAVE 5: Amongst Greens

Going green

Now that we're allowed to safely explore some parts of the great outdoors again, we're keen on reconnecting with Mother Nature in clever and artistic ways. Since we've developed a deeper appreciation for foliage, it's only right to capture it on camera. If you're also excited to take photos of Nature's beauty, the Clozette Community has shared some shots showing the best way to shoot photos with plants in the background.

Blending in with the greens

Pairing a cute green outfit with your backdrop of greenery is a good way of adding plants into your photps.
(Photo from: christyfrisbee)

At-home garden

Show off your plant babies by posing in front of them for a cute OOTD shot.
(Photo from: Lingwei)

At the foreground

Play with perspectives when taking photos with plants
(Photo from: CindaGan)

Candid moment

Another clever way of taking photos with plants is simply capturing a candid moment on a garden bench
(Photo from: ploykwdiary)

Stark contrast

Make your outfit pop by playing with contrasting colours
(Photo from: SharonLove)

(Cover photo from: @Lingwei)

For more photography tips, add colour to your photos with colourful backgrounds.

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