Lifestyle Changes We're Keeping Even After The Pandemic Is Over

To 2021 and beyond

The unexpected pandemic that hit us earlier this year has been a catalyst for many changes, especially to our lifestyle. Most of us had to slow down, got to know our own locale more intimately, took time to spruce up our homesand we all had to learn to sustain relationships via digital means. And as experts declare the beginning of the end of this dark chapter in sight, we wonder: has the pandemic changed the way we live forever? Ahead, our Clozette Community shared the lifestyle changes that they're keeping even after this pandemic is over.

Waking up early and planning for the week ahead

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"I was inspired to adopt this habit when I realised that I was given the privilege to work and stay at home. What a waste it would be if I let the days pass by. This way, I’ll be able to accomplish more things for myself and for others too! This habit has totally changed my life because waking up early in the morning gave me a more positive vibe the whole day and it also has turned me into a more energised individual. I am able to eat right, take time to do a little bit of work out and of course, it gave me a fresh mindset to start planning the day(s) ahead which I wasn’t able to do before when I chose sleep more than waking up on time."

Taking time to slow down

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"Before the pandemic, I used to overwork — staying up late and not eating healthy foods. But during circuit breaker, I finally got the time to change my body clock, learned to cook easy yet healthy meals. I even started doing body workouts at home, which surprisingly I enjoyed. I won’t deny that I am a lazy person, especially in taking care of myself. My new eating and sleeping habit made me realize that my body is a temple and no one will take good care of it aside from me. I became more energetic and honestly, I felt prettier."

Trimming down the wardrobe

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"One lifestyle change that I did during the quarantine is that I trimmed my closet down to basics and important pieces of clothing. I curated my closet and maintained pieces that, to me, felt timeless and versatile. Since the start of the pandemic, I realised I had so many outfits that I haven’t touched — a lot still had tags on. Haha! My style has also changed so some of them I don't feel like wearing anymore. Now, I have more space in my closet and I’m more mindful of the pieces that I purchase. I now go for quality items."

Working out regularly and consuming less sugar

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"During the circuit breaker, I banded a few of my close girlfriends together to workout, twice a week, over zoom and it resulted in quite a lot of unintended weight loss on my end. Now, I fit so well into my wedding gown and so this new fitness regime has become a norm now. I also didn’t drink any bubble tea for six months and during that period of time, I lost my boba cravings altogether. Definitely keeping up with it in 2021. I feel great! Eating less sugar and working out on a regular basis literally make me feel better physically and mentally. I’ve observed that I’m a lot more alert and energetic than before. A huge win!"

Having a more positive outlook and being more devoted to faith

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"Before, I find it hard to really commit to reading the bible because I can't find the time, but now that I'm working from home, I have plenty of time doing it and planning to continue it even pandemic is over. With what's happening around us, it influenced me to rely more on the word of God, like it made me realise that everything in this world is just temporary and we must hold on to something that is forever and that is His word. It made me more positive in life, it actually helped my mental health to really keep going every day. I realized that positivity really makes a difference not just to yourself but also to the other people around you because you are also helping them, their mental health by lifting them up through your positivity."

Being more honest and grounded

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"Being honest gives me a more motivated environment to live on. It helps me cope up with my struggles and mishaps. I can establish real connections and relationships which helps me to cope up on my daily living."

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