K-Celebs’ Wellness Practices You Can Adopt

Tips from our idols

Korean celebrities have been a source of inspiration in a lot of ways. They inspire a lot of their fans to emulate them, especially with their killer personal styles to the fresh makeup looks. But perhaps another way we can take cues from these Korean idols is through their various wellness practices. While mental health is still largely a taboo topic in South Korea, several Korean celebrities have given hints about how they practise wellness with their busy schedules. These include their favourite ways to unwind after busy days as well as their preferred methods of keeping fit in between projects. If you’re keen on discovering some K-celeb wellness practices and how you can adopt them in your daily life, read on.

Take care of your body

Dedicated workouts are one of the most popular wellness practices among Korean celebrities. After all, they need to take care of their bodies to get through long nights of tapings and rehearsals. Did you know that soloist and actress IU is quite the yogi? IU has always been open about taking care of her body through activities like yoga. In an appearance on the Korean television show Knowing Bros, IU showed off her strong core with a headstand. She also sometimes posts videos of her yoga sessions on Instagram.

Another Korean celebrity that makes it a point to workout is BLACKPINK’s Rosé. During an episode of BLACKPINK House, it was revealed the main vocalist makes time for pilates sessions — a form of strength training — to keep her slim figure in tip-top shape.

Why not try: Following along one of the exercise videos on YouTube? There are a lot of Asian fitness YouTubers who create at-home workout videos that are easy to follow and cover beginner to expert difficulties. We recommend beginning with an easy stretching yoga routine before eventually moving your way up to heart-pumping cardio.

Pamper your skin

Aside from physical exercise, Korean celebrities also do their best to preserve their skin's vibrancy. Hours of sitting under bright lights and wearing makeup can take a toll on their complexion. To maintain that glass skin glow, skincare routines are widely practised. Even K-pop stars Eric Nam and BTS's Taehyung really take the time to remove their makeup and apply their skincare at the end of the day.

Why not try: A simple skincare routine? While the 10-step Korean skincare routine has its benefits, you can never go wrong with going with the basic steps.

Do something relaxing to cap off the day


In addition to a nighttime skincare routine, another Korean celebrity wellness practice you can adopt is having an activity to mark the end of your workday. It helps differentiate work from leisure time. For example, Crash Landing On You lead actor Hyun Bin shared in an interview that he likes to end a day at work by drinking some beer once he gets home. According to him, "It feels like I can wrap up the day with a glass of beer."

Why not try: Some form of journaling? Write down your thoughts and feelings, even amusing moments that happened during your day. This classic wellness practice is the perfect outlet for organising your thoughts. Once you feel satisfied with your journal entry, you can go about your evening routine.

Enjoy your days off

Since their schedules are always packed, Korean celebrities really love to enjoy their time off of work. Actresses Park Min-young and Shin She Kyung love to cook when they can, while former 2NE1 member Sandara Park enjoys meeting up with friends. After long days of working hard on their craft, we’re sure the downtime is a welcome change of pace.

Why not try: Doing a food crawl, if you’re not a fan of your own cooking. You can order some delicious Hong Kong dishes from these restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia. Indulge and revel in your time away from your work desk, just like your fave K-celebs.

Which Korean celebrity wellness practices do you enjoy?

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