These Are Our Picks For The Perfect Care Package This Holiday Season

Sealed with a kiss

For most of us, this holiday season will look and feel different. The usually busy and boisterous festivities are now replaced by more intimate gatherings. Some may not even get to celebrate with family and friends. These challenges and the distance, however, are no reason to stop you from letting your loved ones feel your love and care. How do you do it? By sending them a carefully curated package for the holidays and their year-end self-care session. If you're unsure of what to include, here are our picks to help guide you.

Dove Deo Dry Serum

When creating a holiday care package, don't overlook the essentials like deodorants. This multi-awarded #UnderarmHolyGrail is a must — meet the Dove Deo Dry Serum (PHP145/~USD4 each). They have a lightweight formula packed with skin-care goodies like Collagen, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and Omega 6. There's one for a specific skin concern, too — smoothening (Violet), brightening (Pink) and pore-minimising (Green).

It's available on Lazada and Shopee.

innisfree Green Holiday Collection

Inspire their self-care pursuits with a skincare item — whether it's a hand cream, face cream or serum. You'll find the perfect piece (or pieces) from Innisfree's Green Holiday Collection. It's a curation of the brand's bestsellers, including their cult-favourite Green Tea Seed Serum, redressed for the holidays with artist's Steven Harrington designs. Prices start at (PHP630/~USD14).

Lush Angels Delight Bath Bomb
There's nothing quite as indulging as a bubble bath, don't you think? Invite your loved one to rejuvenate through a pink-coloured bath courtesy of this holiday special bath bomb from Lush. With a fresh scent made from orange and tangerine oil, this will delight and uplift the spirit. Each piece retails for SGD12/~USD10.
Emery & Co. Nail Christmas Collection

Sporting holiday-themed nail looks is always a fun way to channel the holiday spirit. Pretty nails just perk things up! And you can help your loved one brighten their digits up with Emery & Co.'s Christmas Collection (SGD14.90/~USD12). It has a total of 16 nail stickers (so they can easily mix and match) and includes a mini nail filer and cuticle pusher.

Love Bonito Owena Belted Kimono

The air is a little chilly already, and though we can't go out and give hugs, cover-ups will do just as well. Let your loved ones feel warmth (literally) and your warm wishes with the Love Bonito Owena Belted Kimono (USD33.90). And, oh, did we mention it would be a great addition to their wardrobe not just this holiday season? It's breathable, stylish and gives that cosy feel. 

kāi Tamago Sushi Socks

Add a quirky pair of socks that are great for snuggly evenings into the mix too. This cute one from kāi is made with 100 per cent cotton — can you say ultimate comfort? — and features Tamago sushi prints (SGD14.90/~USD13) designed in collaboration with South Korean tattoo artist GOODMORNINGTOWN. So unique!

Design Your Life 2021 Planner

When one's in a good mood — after pampering with a bath and a skin-nourishing regime, no less —  is a good time to start planning goals (and maybe even travel plans!) for the new year. Your loved one will definitely appreciate you adding the Design Your Life 2021 Planner (PHP695/~USD15) to your holiday care package. Aside from the layout, they'll love the fun stickers included in it too.

TWG Red Christmas Tea

It's good to have a cuppa on hand while one writes out plans and hopes for the next year. Go ahead and include this holiday edition TWG Red Christmas Tea (SGD26/~USD20) in their kit. It features a melody of cosy spices and flavours that will warm the heart and soul — perhaps even ignite inspiration.

Wrap it up nicely and include a note for a personal touch!

P.S. Don't forget to seal this holiday care package with a (virtual) kiss.

(Cover photos from: Dove, Emery & Co. and Innisfree)

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