These Women Share The Bold Choices They've Made For Their Kids

With the help of Hipp Organic Milk

Motherhood is so many things. It’s a challenge that doesn’t end and a puzzle that’s hard to decipher. But it’s also a rich and rewarding calling. This is why we dare say it takes courage to be a mum. At the Philippine launch of HiPP Organic, the most trusted organic milk brand for infants and kids in Germany, we got to know women who have made the brave choice to not only pursue motherhood but also make bold choices for their families, especially their children. Here’s what we learnt.

A decision to put health first

For bloggers Tin Li and Nish Ching, who are both mums to two children, health is of utmost priority. Kids don’t have as strong an immune system as healthy adults so it’s important to always check and choose what to give them. This is why they both made the choice to go organic with the help of Hipp. The brand uses milk that comes only from farms that follow strict adherence to guidelines of organic agriculture. This ensures that each can of Hipp Organic milk contains the best nature has to offer — with no addition of potentially harmful chemicals.

A choice to continually find balance

One of the biggest struggles of becoming a mum is finding the perfect balance between the many things she handles. From her kids to her husband to her work — and, of course, herself — the pressure to always stay on top of things is ever-present. “When I first became a mum, it was really difficult to juggle because I had just started my first ever company then,” Tin says. But with her second child, she’s learned to make more time for her personal life. The same goes for Nish, who says that juggling everything as a full-time mum who works at home is definitely hard. “Prioritising is key, so I don’t get stressed,” she shares.

A commitment to be present

Despite all these hurdles — not to mention the societal pressure to be “perfect” mums — Tin and Nish say they’ve committed to rearing their children in their own unique ways. “We all have the fear of being judged,” Tin says. “But just be yourself and raise your kid the best way you know how. As long as they’re happy, go with it.” Listening to unhealthy criticism is a waste of time, especially when kids grow so fast. And with that Nish promises to be present. “Cherish every moment.”

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