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As a safety measure during the current health crisis, a lot of companies are now adopting a work from home system. But while it might sound convenient at first, such a change in a working environment can be detrimental to one’s productivity. So how can we make our personal space be more remote-work-friendly? One answer is aromatherapy.

Besides being effective in relieving various illnesses, essential oils have also been proven to be able to activate areas of the brain that can affect emotions and learning processes. Ready to try it? Ahead, six essential oils that can boost your morale while working from home. 


Lemon is known to have a distinctive and refreshing aroma, making it an effective choice in increasing concentration. It is also known as a great anti-viral and antibacterial compound which makes it an ideal choice for today’s health climate.

Essential Oils for Productivity - Lemon Add some zest to your work ethic!


Similar to lemon, peppermint exudes a refreshing aroma that helps calm the mind and help increase one’s concentration while working from home. It’s also a natural energy booster that helps stimulate the brain’s creative side, making it suitable for those whose work requires churning out fresh ideas everyday.


While typically associated with treating erratic sleeping patterns, lavender is also surprisingly suitable for increasing your productivity. Its soothing properties will significantly help control emotional stress that usually piles up along with a heavy workload. Plus, it’s also known to ease muscle tension and nerves that can come with increased fatigue or anxiety during this time.

Essential Oils for Productivity - lavender Soothing scents to your olfactory ensues enthusiasm and creativity.


Another essential oil known for its soothing properties is jasmine, which also doubles up as an effective antidepressant. Its soft aroma helps arouse enthusiasm, which produces self-confidence, resolve, and optimism while working in an irregular environment. 


Looking for something that will really keep your senses alive and heightened during this work from home period? Rosemary is another good choice. Known for increasing memory retention and fighting physical fatigue, a quick whiff of this in the morning will definitely alleviate your mood for a busy day ahead.

Essential Oils for Productivity - rosemary Which essential oil are you leaning towards?


Lastly, sleepiness and urges to procrastinate are some of the biggest hindrances in productivity during this work setup. So if this is something you want to address along with the stress of the piling workload, vanilla is another a great option. Its sweet but strong aroma not only helps stimulate the mind but also helps combat drowsiness, making you sharper, alert and focused on new projects ahead.

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