Here's Why You Should Take The Enneagram Quiz

More than a personality test

Have you ever taken a personality quiz online? We’re willing to bet that the answer is yes. People across the world have been taking these tests in the hopes of reaching a deeper understanding of themselves. This craving for self-awareness has been steadily occurring over the years but boomed significantly over the pandemic. 

A couple of the most popular personality typing systems are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF). These tests are typically used in workplaces, educational institutions, and even online dating as a universal “getting-to-know-you” icebreaker. It’s no surprise seeing ENFP or ISTJ-A on Tinder profiles anymore. But aside from these two, there’s an emerging quiz that’s meant to let you get to know yourself better too. It’s called the Enneagram Quiz.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram of Personality Quiz or simply “The Enneagram”, is one of the up-and-coming personality tests of the moment. Its name was derived from the Greek word ennea (“nine”) and gramma (“drawn” or “written”). The Enneagram’s earliest origins are found in Sufism; it was used by Sufi masters to help guide their disciples in their spiritual development. This system suggests that there are nine personality types people fall under. Your dominant personality is illustrated using a geometric diagram.

Enneagram symbol collage

(Left) The Enneagram symbol with Riso-Hudson Type Names. (Photo screenshot from: (Right) An example of a dominant personality. (Photo screenshot from:

The Enneagram symbol is “a nine-pointed geometric symbol [that] consists of an outer circle, on which the nine points (personalities) are numbered clockwise and evenly spaced,” according to Truity. The lines going to your dominant personality indicate the positive characteristics you need to reintegrate into your personality which may lead you to grow into the personality the second line points to. The goal is to move around the circle and adopt the healthy traits of all personalities.

It can be quite confusing because you need to study the system to really understand and properly utilise the Enneagram quiz — it’s not an impossible feat though. You can also consult an Enneagram expert to help you understand the deeper meaning of your Enneagram results too. Before you get to learning, though, here are some reasons why you may want to discover more about it.

It reveals your “core belief”

The main basis for the Enneagram is that everyone has a basic or dominant personality type. This indicates your basic core belief in how the world works. It is largely believed to come into fruition once you reach adulthood. The Enneagram suggests that this dominant personality is the lens you use to make sense of the world around you and the role you play in it. So why is this important? According to the Enneagram, understanding this aspect of your personality gives you a starting point if you want to improve yourself.

It invites you to self-assess

Your basic core belief is not just what the Enneagram reveals. It also unveils the aspects of your life where you can show significant strengths and improve on. For example, a Type 6, The Skeptic or Loyalist (online tests differ in their Enneagram names), is said to be preoccupied with feeling secure and preparing for all the potential problems in their future. Now that you have knowledge of it, you can then decide on working to face anxieties and trusting your own judgments, according to the Enneagram Institute. Simply put, it helps you to be aware of these so-called “weaknesses” for self-development.

It’s used in a lot of real-life situations

A photo of an office work desk taken from above

The Enneagram has been used in work situations. (Photo from: Marvin Meyer via Unsplash)

Since it points out the areas that you can develop, the Enneagram is used in counselling, psychotherapy, business development, parenting and education. From your Enneagram results, hyperspecific exercises can be tailored for you. These bespoke exercises aim to get you in touch with your mental and emotional reactions in real-life situations, so you’re more aware of how you’re likely to respond.

It gives you a starting point for self-improvement

An Oscar Ichazo quote says “In essence, every person is perfect, fearless, and in loving unity with the entire cosmos” but the crisis occurs when “man falls from essence into personality,” according to Forge. Taking a cue from this philosophical quote, just because you have a dominant personality doesn’t mean you’re “stuck” in its stereotype. The goal of the Enneagram is to help you break away from the blind spots of your dominant personality, so you can achieve a more well-balanced personality. Simply put, your Enneagram results are merely the start of your journey to self-improvement and discovery.

Where you can take the Enneagram quiz

If this makes you want to take the Enneagram quiz, there are a lot of online versions you can try. We suggest taking different ones to see if you get the same dominant personality. Some of the most popular online Enneagram quizzes are from Truity (free) and the Enneagram Institute (paid).

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to digest the information these personality typing systems offer and apply it moving forward. As a friend, here’s our two cents: as long as it helps you change for the better, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try!

(Cover photo from: Patrick Amoy via Unsplash)

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