6 Women Share What Happiness Means To Them

Hello, happiness!

Being a woman means playing a lot of roles and taking on many responsibilities. With this, we often get caught in a tangle of emotions. This results in us feeling beaten and tired most days, leaving little room for empowerment that should be sourced both from within and outside of our own selves. So how do we rediscover bliss in such moments, especially in the face of our naturally multi-hyphenated identities? You guessed it right: you must remember what makes you happy.

Saying hello to happiness — genuine happiness — frequently, no matter how brief, is a great way to re-centre yourself and find simple things in your own life that make every single second worth living. It is seeing positivity when there seems to be none and it is a sense of being that only you can define. With that said, we asked six amazing women from our Community to share with us their take on personal happiness. Here's what we gathered. 

"The first thing that comes to mind [when asked to define happiness is that] I don’t expect to be happy 24/7 so I accept that. Being at peace with myself first and foremost is my core. I embrace every aspect of what life throws me with positivity. [Now, when it comes to the things that make me happy,] it’s the simple things in life: colours, blue skies, listening to my children have a conversation with their father, seeing my cats get excited when they see birds outside my window, being indoors during thunderstorms, fireworks, and of course, sitting in front of my vanity table and admiring my makeup collection."

Clozette Ambassador Yen Ong

"When I’m contented and there’s nothing in the world that could bring me down, that’s happiness. [And what makes me happy are,] sometimes, the simplest things in life. Like a family member or a friend calling or texting just to see how I’m doing. Even a good cup of coffee in the morning gives me much happiness. A satisfying massage at the spa makes me happy, too. Most days, happiness comes from a morning kiss from my hubby and a sloppy lick from my dog, also named Coffee. [To me, all of those things] are just pure happiness."

"Happiness is a worry-free, joyful feeling that makes you put on a smile. [There are] many things that can make me happy. One is travelling! After I got married, I [started to] prefer going to resort-style travels. I can stay there without thinking about my work and [just be] stress-free. Basically doing nothing and having some me-time are happy moments for me."

Star Clozetter Raine Salamante

"I think happiness is being contented with who you are and where you’re going without the approval of others. [For me,] the simple things that make me happy are the three Fs: food, friends, and family. Nothing is better than that."

Clozetter Elaine Villapando

"Happiness is something that comes from within; the way we really feel on ourselves. It's the kind of emotion that brings us to our happiest state of mind. No need for explanation or anything, it's something we feel that shows our true self.

The thing that makes me happy is working and doing what I love at the same time: blogging and styling. It's something I'm passionate about (for years already) and I'm grateful that I can finally earn from it now. I'm still starting and learning but as time passes by, what matters the most is that I'm doing it because it makes me happy." 

Clozetter Theresa So

"Happiness for me is simply knowing how to love yourself. Without knowing how to enjoy yourself first, you would never know how to spread joy to people around you. A weird thing that makes me so happy is a new handkerchief!"

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