Body-Positive IG Accounts That Teach Us To Love Ourselves

Champion the real you

On some days, it's harder to give our bodies some love. After all, on TV, online, and basically everywhere IRL, we're saturated with images of women that fit this singular idea of perfection. They're all tall, with an hourglass figure, flawless skin, and lustrous hair. And while there's nothing wrong with being like that, sometimes, seeing so much of them forces us to set unrealistic expectations of ourselves. And when we don't think we fit this version of perfection, we tend to beat ourselves up for it. So, to help us foster self-love a bit more, we've listed down a few body-positive Instagram-accounts you can follow for inspiration.

Sara Puhto

Instagram is home to millions of stunning photos that feature flawless women. In just a few minutes of scrolling, we run across numerous candid OOTDs, which present not only the clothes worth copping but also the features of the wearer quite enviable as well. But Finnish influencer Sara Puhto, through her @saggysara account, reminds us that life isn't always picture-perfect. Through her side-by-side Instagram vs reality posts, she shows that the perfection we see is only really a matter of great angling, capturing flattering lighting, and perhaps, even skilful post-processing. Though her photos are quirky, they're often accompanied by her commentary on various body image issues that plague us. Overall, her posts ask us one thing: why we judge our overall worth and beauty based on just one "bad" photo. 

Malin Björk

Another one of the many body-positive Instagram accounts worth your follow is Swedish personal trainer Malin Björk. Malin deviates from what most fitness influencers would do. Instead of posting photos featuring her perfectly sculpted body, worthy of being #fitspiration goals, she reminds you that your body can still have "imperfections" like cellulite, stretch marks, and so on while being healthy and strong. Like Sara, she sometimes posts side-by-side comparisons of "good" and "ugly photos". And lately, as she shares real photos of her pregnancy, she's also helping women deal with the drastic body changes they encounter during this stage of their lives.

Allison Teng

Admit it or not, the fashion industry has had quite the toxic effects on our self-esteem. Usually, we only see tall, slim models walk down the runway, making girls grow up thinking that they have to be that to be fashionable. But in reality, fashion isn't really one-size-fits-all. L.A.-based blogger Allison Teng, aka the @curvygirlchic, shows us that even plus-sized women can slay.  Showing off her feminine and glamorous outfits, she's serving as proof that one can stun people and wear clothes they love no matter what size they are.

Deepica Mutyala

If your skin tone is on the darker spectrum, you'll know fully well how difficult it is to find beauty tutorials that are better suited to your needs. So for that, give Deepica Mutyala a follow. Now a beauty entrepreneur, the L.A.-based beauty vlogger who's aiming to shift beauty standards shot to fame with her colour-correcting tutorial using red lipstick. On her IG page, you'll find a ton of other makeup tutorials and self-care inspo that will surely inspire you to wear your skin tone proud.

Libby Phillips

Enjoy reading instapoetry? Perhaps it would be great to follow body-positive Instagram accounts that share equally inspiring messages as well. Check out @libbyshappyproject and see 18-year-old artist Libby Phillips' art. Through her line drawings and self-love quotes, she hopes to uplift her followers. Perhaps, through her wholesome content, we'll all be pushed to be a bit kinder to ourselves day by day.

(Cover photo from: @curvygirlchic)

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