FAVE 5: Bed Shots

Lazy days ahead

The current global pandemic that prompted us to limit ourselves into our humble abodes has triggered a big change in our daily schedule. Now, staying in bed is counted as a luxury and no longer a guilty pleasure. If you're in a sudden mood for a little photoshoot while nestled in your cosy bed, here are five portraits taken by the Clozette Community to help you get ahead in the photography game.

The "pampering" session

Dreaming of a healed world.🙏🏻
(Photo from: madamelindt)

The "royalty" vibe

Silk dresses for sleepwear is a vibe.🌕✨

The "sultry" mirror selfie

Let's kick this days ass 🍑
Good Morning! .
#quoteoftheday #quotes
(Photo from: HazelStyleWitch)

The "just woke up" portrait

Started Monday with a long stretch today, happy to start this week from a great sleep, although It was really hard to leave my super comfy bed at @thelindensuites ! ♥️ How’s everybody doing? #hugginghorizons2020
(Photo from: LevyAmosin)

The "being productive in bed" shot

I try to eat healthy whether I’m binge watching my favourite series or working from home ❤️ @captainoats1965 is packed with dietary fibre and whole grain that is good for the heart. I prepare mine with hot soy milk and cut mangoes! 👌🏾 @partipost #CaptainOats #LetsGoOats #InstantRolledOats #HealthyEating #Partipost #sp
(Photo from: hannatantoco)

(Cover photo from: LevyAmosin)

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