Stuck In A Rut? Start Your Day With These Motivational Reminders

PSA: Your mental health matters

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. When it comes to mental health, we believe that a moment with yourself each day helps just as much as a visit to the doc's. It’s imperative that we take small steps in making self-care a priority. Start by practising positive self-care talk every day to uplift your mood — it may even help you to adapt better to life’s uncertainties. And if your heart’s been feeling a little weary and you’re in need of a little motivation and inspiration, let our curation of 31 quotes guide you towards leading a more centred, confident ‘you.’

Patiently cultivate your growth mindset

All that glitters is not gold. Shift your perspective and define success on your own terms — not others’. Cherish life’s intangibles, trust the process, and focus on your growth rather than your goal. Have faith in your power. Remind yourself that success rarely happens overnight.

Be your biggest fan

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. Be kind to your mind and listen to your heart’s desires. Learn to be at peace with your flaws, quirks and everything in between. Self-love isn’t overrated. Self-love is essential.

Brave through the bad days

Fall down seven times, get up eight. Hitting pause on difficult days isn’t a sign of weakness. Rather, it’s proof that you’re in it for the long haul. Give yourself the chance to start over and have courage in your pursuits.

Which of these will be your new mantra?

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