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Decided to adopt an indoor plant out of a whim during quarantine and have now become a full-time plant parent? We totally get how raising wee little buds into full-grown plants can be overwhelming. You'd put so much love and care, measuring out the water it needs and timing the sun it needs but sometimes, they just won't grow to be as green and tall as you'd hope them to be. If you've been experiencing these tricky issues all throughout or just plainly want to expand your gardening knowledge, it's best you turn to the experts β€” that is, long-term plant parents for advice. You'll be surprised at how much knowledge they can impart after having gone through what you're going through. Check out these TikTok gardening accounts for plant hacks and tips that'll guide you in your new journey. 

For plant parenting beginners: @reagankastner


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Ensure that you're beginning your gardening adventure equipped with all the basics you need for growing plants. If you're worried you can't foster an environment indoors that'll allow your greens to thrive, then start by taking in all the info you can get from Reagan Kastner. Out of the many TikTok gardening accounts that you'll come across, hers remains one of the most popular as she imparts tips that even beginners can follow. Follow her, and hopefully, in time, you can progress on your journey and become a houseplant queen like her in no time.

For the wholesome gardeners: @gardenmarcus


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If you need a quick pick-me-up, head over to Marcus Bridgewater's account, @gardenmarcus. Not only does he give informative tips on growing plants, you'll find that as a life coach, his gardening lessons can also be applied in other aspects of your life. In an interview with Domino, Marcus spilt he didn't always have a green thumb, which goes to show that anyone can be a proud plant parent that fosters growth as long as they put in the time, effort, and love into what they do. 

For those connected with nature: @amongthejungle


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Botanist Shii Kaina will encourage you to be more mindful of our vibrant ecosystem. She hosts the Among the Jungle podcast that gives us quite the in-depth information we need as we go about plant-rearing, but she also has her TikTok account where she serves short bits that can show you how to truly connect with your plants. Aside from giving gardening and eco-friendly tips, Shii also shares the magical impact plants have on her life β€” thereby inspiring us to give these verdant companions the utmost care they need. 

For those growing a jungle: @mrhouseplant


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Progressed far enough that you've started to entertain the idea of caring for a wide variety of flora? For plant-specific concerns, plant-care specialist Vladan Nikolic aka @mrhouseplant is a must-follow. He stands out among most TikTok gardening accounts as he features a wide variety of greeneries in his clips. From blooming orchids to propagating pineapples and even caring for carnivorous plants β€” you'll find everything you'll need to grow your very own indoor botanical garden.   

For healthy living advocates: @cosgrome


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If you're set on living a sustainable lifestyle by growing your own food, @cosgrome is the page to go to. Through this account, Moira Cosgrove shows not only how to harvest seeds and roots from your kitchen scraps, but gives regular updates on how her own plant-rearing process progresses. With this, you'll know her techniques are the real deal, and you can definitely try it in your own home. Keep at it long enough and β€” fingers crossed β€” you probably won't ever have to drop by your grocery's produce section.

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