5 Great Plants To Have In Your Home

Take in the good vibes

While it’s difficult to get a handle on environmental pollution happening all around us, we can still create pockets of space where nature can thrive. Here are some amazing house plants you can have as decorative air purifiers, naturally designed to please the eye and give your home some major good vibes.

Golden Pothos

Otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy, this is the best kind of plant for those who don’t have a green thumb. This plant is easy to grow and highly effective in fighting off common household toxins. It’s also great as home decor, adding a natural vibrancy to your space with its cascading tendrils and heart-shaped leaves.

Peace Lily

Lovely and undemanding, the peace lily’s glossy green leaves add a touch of brightness to a dim room. Able to thrive with weekly watering, it works hard to remove traces of carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde from your home. The only downside to this plant is its toxicity to animals, so keep it out of reach of your furry friends.


Despite being one of the more difficult plants to sustain, there’s no denying the beauty of these 'mums. On top of their reputation as one of the best air purifiers around, they only require good airflow, indirect sunlight, and warm water while rewarding you with lovely blooms to brighten up your home.

Rubber Plants

If you have an empty corner in your room that you’ve been itching to fill up, why not consider placing the hardy rubber plant in a tall planter in it? It's a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t need much diligent care at all. It only requires weekly watering and indirect sunlight in exchange for cleansing your home of xylene, benzene, and formaldehyde.

Boston Fern

A plant that thrives in a humid environment is perfect for our homes here in Southeast Asia. Either sitting pretty on a pedestal or hanging out in a basket, Boston Ferns work hard at removing xylene and benzene from the air while acting as the perfect accompaniment to any room.

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