The Best Bedroom Makeover Ideas, According To Your Star Sign

Divine design inspo ahead

The holiday season is approaching us much sooner than you think and if you’re hoping to make a few more positive adjustments to your #stayhome situation before the year comes to a close, why not give your bedroom a mini revamp? Read on as we highlight the best bedroom makeover ideas according to your star sign. 

Aries (21 Mar - 19 Apr)

Courageous, organised and confident. As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries thrives in competitive situations and tends to lose their temper easily when things do not go their way.

Looking at how the Aries rules the head and leads with the head, it may be wise for you to invest in better quality pillows and red-hued pillowcases to help you recover more comfortably after a busy day. For a larger scale makeover project, you can also consider investing in new bookcases and racks to help keep your room as neat and tidy as possible.

Spruce up your room with: These Eve linen pillowcases from Melbourne-based bedding brand Sheet Society. These are made from eco-friendly, 100% pure certified French flax linen. 

Taurus (20 Apr - 20 May)

Reliable, practical and responsible. The Taurus is a fan of gardening, cooking and various hands-on activities that allow them to get in touch with their senses. To celebrate these traits, decorate your room with functional design pieces that will engage your various senses, such as a new potted house plant or a pink-hued aromatic diffuser.

However, looking at how the Taurus is also averse to sudden changes, don’t give in to the pressure of making abrupt adjustments to your living space. Instead, slowly introduce elements that’ll complement your grounded, stable perspective over the course of a few months. 

Floral Street Wonderland Bloom fragrances from Selfridges

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Spruce up your room with: This Wonderland Bloom series from Floral Street, available at Selfridges. It includes a diffuser, a room fragrance and a candle. 

Gemini (21 May - 20 Jun)

Gentle, curious and adaptable. The Gemini makes an excellent artist and they are known to be fans of music, books and magazines. Working on an ambitious room makeover project would be perfect for the Gemini as they dislike routines and are constantly exploring new horizons.

Given the Gemini’s affinity for creative forms of expression, try converting your bedroom into a mini entertainment hub if you haven’t. Carve out a corner of your room for a comfortable armchair and a vintage record player. Then, upgrade your room theatre “experience” by installing a projector screen and audio speakers. 

Crosley Turntable from Swee Lee Singapore

~USD81.06 (

Spruce up your room with: This Crosley Cruiser Deluxe portable turntable in mint green — AKA your spirit colour — available at Swee Lee.

Cancer (21 Jun - 22 Jul)

Imaginative, emotional and loyal. The Cancer loves spending time at home, so it’s definitely worth dedicating a little more time to making your living space the best it can be. You tend to have an interest in art, so try decorating your bedroom walls with various paintings or photos that will inspire you.

As a water sign, you also feel most at ease around water, so bring out that side of you by introducing a water-based element to your home such as a mini fountain or an aquarium. 

 Mini tabletop fountain from Shopee

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Spruce up your room with: This mini tabletop fountain that’s available on Shopee.

Leo (23 Jul - 22 Aug)

Creative, generous and cheerful. The Leo radiates warmth just like the sun and loves to have fun. As a confident and dominant individual, the Leo is most at home among bright colours and objects that’ll help to enhance their attractiveness and dramatic personality.

As such, consider splurging on a “look at me” orange-hued home desk or side table that’ll help you to make a loud statement, instead of sticking to conventional neutrals and pastels. You can even bring your room makeover ambitions one step further by embracing patterned rugs and accessories too. 

Yellow Duvet Cover on Etsy

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Spruce up your room with: This white and bright yellow duvet cover that’s available on Etsy.

Virgo (23 Aug - 22 Sep)

Kind, hardworking and analytical. The Virgo has a “bad” rep for being a perfectionist but this also means that their rooms are likely to look very clean, minimalistic and organised too. In short, a room that Marie Kondo would approve of.

As someone who values practicality in their everyday life, the Virgo’s idea of a room makeover would be to purge your space of unnecessary clutter and to bring in more natural elements that will help you to feel more relaxed. And if you’re feeling slightly adventurous, perhaps painting one of your walls with a fresh coat of pale-yellow paint might do you some good too. 

Spruce up your room with: A few of these green-beige steel bookends from Danish design brand Muuto, available via Finnish Design Shop.

Libra (23 Sep - 22 Oct)

Gracious, fair-minded and social. The Libra may feel restless being in their rooms for too long as they hate being alone and prefer to spend their time in the great outdoors. However, given the prolonged #stayhome situation that we’re in, a fair solution to this would be to introduce outdoor-inspired elements and harmonious accents into their rooms.

Consider switching to larger, floor-to-ceiling windows to let more light into your space and opt for earthy tones. You also love getting inspired by good books, so invest in quirky bookshelves to display your favourite reads. 

Planter from Typo Cotton On

~USD14.87 (

Spruce up your room with: Quirky planters in assorted shapes and sizes, including this adorable version from Cotton On. 

Scorpio (23 Oct - 21 Nov)

Resourceful, powerful and brave. The Scorpio prefers to skip the small talk and dive into truths and facts. As a fearless individual, the Scorpio is also always up for a challenge, hence embarking on DIY home projects might just sound like music to their ears.

Try making your own customised, rustic-inspired bed frame or source for different types of textiles to bring more cosiness and comfort to your bedroom — both are perfect for you since you value your personal space and privacy. 

Paint by Numbers DIY kit on Etsy

~USD42.13 (

Spruce up your room with: This colourful “paint by numbers” kit that’s available on Etsy. It’s a great first step for those who aren’t quite ready to take on ambitious projects.

Sagittarius (22 Nov - 21 Dec)

Generous, idealistic and has a great sense of humour. The Sagittarius is a stylish nomad who is always ready for changes and they’re always game to explore different cultures and philosophies.

A room makeover for them would include peppering their walls and display shelves with unique trinkets and souvenirs that they’ve collected from their travels. To celebrate your enthusiasm and energy, it may be helpful for you to introduce your spirit colour — blue — into your home as well. 

Wall Hanging Display from HipVan

~USD25.95 (

Spruce up your room with: This photo display feature from HipVan, which allows you to showcase your favourite travel memories.

Capricorn (22 Dec - 19 Jan)

Disciplined, responsible and has excellent self-control. The Capricorn is a fan of rules, traditions and plans, hence their bedroom should reflect their practical way of living. That said, they can have quite the eye for design and are fans of quality-crafted items too.

Looking at how your spirit colours are brown and black, consider investing in understated furniture pieces, such as a bedside cabinet made of teak or a luxe black headboard to bring a touch of elegance to your room.   

Black Marble Tray from Comme Home

~USD141.30 (

Spruce up your room with: This black marble tray from Comme Home that stylishly keeps your trinkets in one place.

Aquarius (20 Jan - 18 Feb)

Progressive, original and independent. The Aquarius dislikes dull or boring situations and thrives in situations where they get to express their idealistic views. While they enjoy having fun with their peers, they are also protective of their alone time and need their bedroom to be a relaxing place of retreat when the going gets tough. 

For your room makeover, consider changing out your curtain blinds and bedsheets to a light blue hue to reflect your “light as air” personality. You may wish to dress up your walls with a quirky patterned wallpaper too to bring new life into your space. 

Gucci Floral Printed Wallpaper from Farfetch

~USD546.59 (

Spruce up your home with: This statement-making floral patterned wallpaper from Gucci, available via Farfetch.

Pisces (19 Feb - 20 Mar)

Compassionate, intuitive and gentle. The Pisces tends to forge a deep connection with the arts, so any opportunity that allows them to be creative, such as playing a musical instrument or painting, makes them feel most content and free. They also don’t mind being alone and tend to fall into a deep slumber whenever they have the chance to. 

To hone your artistic capabilities, you can consider incorporating more of your spirit colours into your room. Why not dress up your space with a larger than life tapestry wall in varying shades of purple, such as lilac, violet and mauve? You can also try doing away with stiff shelving units and switch up the way you display your books and accessories. 

Spruce up your room with: This Amaya Medallion tapestry from Urban Outfitters.

What’s at the top of your room makeover to-do list?

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