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Because we're spending more time indoors these days, we can't help but want to give our place a little dazzle to uplift our spirits. We search for furniture and home decor stores only to find out that one piece will set you back a month's worth of salary. Don't you worry, there's always your local online home decor thrift shops where you can find unique items with an affordable price tag. 

Just a word of caution: the bidding can sometimes be competitive so when the time is announced you better schedule it on your calendar, stat.

Pepper's Picks (Assorted ceramics)

Love ceramics? You can find pretty decorative mugs and holders that you can use as a makeup brush storage, pencil storage or even as a kitchen accessory. Not only that but this store also sells upcycled handpainted terracotta pots that are oh-so-chic.  

Best for: Eccentric souls who like chic home decor with a quirky touch. 

Re Life Vintage (Vases & kitchen accessories)

Many of us have become plant parents and home chefs during the quarantine period. Level it up with these vintage vases and kitchen accessory finds. You can also use the plates for flatlay shots or as a jewellery plate or wall decor. Awesome, right?

Best for: Those who foresee spending more time in the kitchen and indoors with their new green babies.

Cura (Restored rattan furniture)

If you're looking for furniture finds, consider getting a second-hand rattan item. At Cura, you'll find awesome pre-loved rattan furniture that has been restored to good condition. The best thing is, you'll be able to take it home for a really affordable price. Think a whole vintage vanity set complete with drawers, mirror and chair for only USD200. What a steal! 

Best for: Tropical gals who are missing the beach life. These rattan pieces will surely transport you back to the memorable summers you had by the sea. 

Second Charm (Restored vintage furniture)

With 19 years of experience under its belt, Second Charm is somewhat of a go-to for vintage finds. Although they are most known for restoring midcentury furniture sourced from Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia, lately they have also been offering their own designs which you should also check out. 

Best for: Those who like unique furniture with a lot of personality.

The Storeroom (Restored antiques and vintage finds)

From pretty repainted tea sets and elegant liquor holders to restored antique chairs and marble tables, this vintage store based in Petaling Jaya boasts eye-catching items. You can even snag some antique porcelain spoons and Burmese teak wood cabinets that are probably older than your parents. It's true that you can find all sorts of amazing trinkets at online home decor thrift shops.

Best for: People who love the vintage look and elegant old-timey aesthetic.

Maria's Thrift Finds (Paintings, frames and ceramic accessories)

Been learning how to paint? You can house your latest creations in these vintage frames. But if you love the painting that comes with the frame, we suggest you keep it. Aside from art-related finds, you can also get some wicker baskets, ceramic decors, pretty plates, earring holders and even vintage wood ladles.

Best for: Individuals who are fond of artistic pursuits and find inspiration from vintage items.

These stores are just some of our picks, there are a lot more online home decor thrift shops out there. So go, explore and enjoy the hunt!

(Cover photo from: @pepperspicksph)

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