These Fuss-Free & Smart Home Appliances Will Make Your Life Easier

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When it comes to modern housekeeping, convenience is a priority. With so much to do but so little time, smart home appliances for cleaning, cooking and maintaining a healthy home make all the difference.

Instead of toiling away all day, the right smart home appliance can cut your chore time in half and you can spend your remaining free time for leisure. From a cooling fan that doubles as a filter to a phone-controlled vacuum, here are some smart home appliances that will make housekeeping more convenient for your household. Each has different fascinating features that will make your life fuss-free.

Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner

While it's ideal to clean our living space every day, we all know how hard it can be to pick up a broom after a long day's work. Thankfully, robot vacuums are a thing now. A vacuum and mop in one, this robot vacuum from Xiaomi will save you time and effort. It's controlled via an app where you can schedule regular cleaning times and control suction power. With this nifty smart home appliance, you'll never have to worry about missing a cleaning session. Just sit back, relax and watch the Mijia Robot Vacuum do its thing. Get one at Xiaomi outlets, Shopee Singapore (SGD265), Shopee Malaysia (MYR918) and Lazada Philippines (PHP10,399).

Dyson Pure Cool Me™

Even if you vacuum regularly, there may still be some minuscule dust and particles that you won't be able to capture. This is where an air filter slash cooling fan will be helpful. Dyson's Pure Cool Me™ is able to filter up to 99.95 per cent of ultrafine particles that may cause allergies especially to those with sensitivities. It's also very portable that you can bring it to your home workstation during the day and keep it by the bed at night. So convenient, right? It's available at Dyson outlets, Tangs Singapore (SGD449.10), Harvey Norman Malaysia (MYR1,518) and Abensons in the Philippines (PHP23,500).

BlendJet One

Say goodbye to messy kitchen counters with this super convenient wireless blender. Since it's very handy, you can skip the tedious cleaning and just drink straight from the blender cup. Aside from blending smoothies, the blades are also strong enough for margaritas with crushed ice, and — for mums out there — even healthy baby food. You can buy it at BlendJet's website for USD39.95 (insured international shipping is available).

Instant Pot

Minimise your dishes and kitchen cleaning with this multifunctional cooker. You can use it to warm food, cook rice, steam, slow cook and even make yoghurt. But more than that, the chef-beloved Instant Pot will allow you to cook many dishes conveniently. For recipes that need some prep or marinate time, you can use the delay cook function. This way, you only use one pot — very helpful if you have limited kitchen space. It's up for grabs at Lazada Singapore (SGD219), Shopee Malaysia (MYR948) and Abensons in the Philippines (PHP7,298).

Umbra Otto Soap Dispenser

Now more than ever, our hands need to be clean and sanitised. If you're someone who's very hands-on — pun intended — in everything you do, you might appreciate an automatic soap dispenser. It's said to be more sanitary because you don't have to pump a nozzle. It also minimises soap wasting and drying of the skin due to overwashing because it dispenses just the exact liquid soap that you need. And, let's admit it, it looks so sleek! Get yours at Lazada Singapore (SGD79.90), Ubuy Malaysia (MYR315) and Galleon Philippines (PHP17,531).

Did any of these smart home appliances interest you?

(Cover photo from: Minh Pham via Unsplash)

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