These Abstract Area Rugs Add Personality To Your Space

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Abstract area rugs are an easy way to add personality to your space. As the name suggests, area rugs are used to "anchor" furniture and create separate areas within a room. If you live in a studio apartment, a rug is an easy way to differentiate your “bedroom” from your living area.

These come in different sizes which serve different purposes. For example, large area rugs are used to complement furniture sets in spaces such as the living or dining room. Smaller rugs, on the other hand, can be used as decorative accents for unused nooks. The right colour and patterns can easily transform an empty corner of your room into a cosy nook you'd want to always be in. Add in a corner table, bookshelf, or an oversized mirror and you're set!

Another added benefit of area rugs is they’re easier to clean than wall-to-wall carpeting. This means you can easily switch out rugs whenever the mood to redecorate hits you. Ready to spruce up your space? Here are some cool abstract area rugs you can consider.

Living DNA Singapore Flux Lavender Rug

Living DNA Singapore Flux Lavender Rug photo

Starts at ~USD852.84 for 160 x 230cm (Photo from:

Certified home buddies, a plush rug like the Flux Lavender Rug from Living DNA might be the missing piece in your little abode. Made to mimic the natural flow of liquids, this three-dimensional handmade rug is made of TENCEL™ fabric made from sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. It creates a soft texture that adds a cosy factor to any space. The pink, purple, and blue hues add calming pops of colour to the room while the main beige colour makes it easy to pair with the furniture you already have.

Where to place it: As the centrepiece in your living room. Instead of having a big coffee table, use smaller side tables next to your couch so the rug is the focal point of the room.

Luca Madison Contemporary Rug

Starts at ~USD180.89 for 1.6 x 2.3 metres

For folks who prefer more geometric designs, the Madison Contemporary Rug meshes a grey marble-like pattern with a gold geometric accent to create a minimalist chic design. This rug, made by Malaysia-based brand Luca, is made of water-resistant fibres and anti-static material. Ideal for our humid climate, won’t you agree?

Where to place it: In the kitchen and dining area so you don't have to worry about cleaning up any spills or sudden static shock from the surrounding appliances.

CantikWall Tracy Handmade Abstract Chevron Multi Rug

CantikWall Tracy Handmade Abstract Chevron Multi Rug photo

~USD420.79 (Photo from:

Love the look of bright, psychedelic abstract patterns? Then you’ll like this CantikWall Tracy Handmade Abstract Chevron Multi Rug which is inspired by the look of watercolour paintings. If pink is not your colour, you can have it customised to fit your taste. It's also made of highly durable wool fabric so it doesn't easily stain if you accidentally spill your drink.

Where to place it: In your living room or den. This rug can be paired with minimalist furniture, but we can also see it alongside plush velvet sofas in bright hues.

Beauty Berries Asyik Carpet in Villa Village

Beauty Berries Asyik Carpet in Villa Village photo

Starts at ~USD132.46 for 140 x 200cm (Photo from:

If you're searching for a large area rug for your living room, this abstract area rug lives up to its name. The Asyik Carpet, made by Philippines-based home decor boutique Beauty Berries, features rustic grey hues and abstract art patterns that are perfect for the Hygge-inspired home. It’s made of soft wool that will make you want to go barefoot all the time.

Where to place it: In a living room or bedroom with minimalist wooden furniture and neutral tones. If the Villa Village pattern doesn't quite hit the right note for you, the Asyik Carpet comes in eight other patterns you can choose from.

Etsy Decoration Rug

Etsy Decoration Rug photo

Starts at USD64.5 (Photo from:

If you're searching for affordable rugs in fun designs, you can't go wrong with browsing through Etsy. This particular accent rug comes in 10 different abstract designs you can choose from. You can place it in a low-traffic area in your house, like your bedroom or home office, to add a pop of colour. Our favourite is the pastel pink variant, which also has peach and white tones that can be paired with accent pillows on a bed.

Where to place it: In your home office or bedroom, as long as it’s a low-traffic spot. Polyester rugs are significantly more affordable than wool or nylon rugs but aren't quite as resilient. If it's not exposed to wear and tear, it can last for a longer period of time.

Whether big or small, there's always an area rug for your home. It just takes a little hunting to find the one that will make your home feel cosy.

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